PAPE contributes to the reduction of the unemployment rate in Bengo

PAPE contributes to the reduction of the unemployment rate in Bengo
PAPE contributes to the reduction of the unemployment rate in Bengo

Africa-Press – Angola. The impact of the Action Plan for the Promotion of Employability (PAPE), since its implementation in 2019, has been visible, as it has allowed the reduction of the unemployment rate, reduced the vulnerability index of families and contributed to the growth of the economy, said, Thursday, in the municipality of Ambriz, the deputy governor of Bengo for the Political, Economic and Social sphere.

José Bartolomeu was speaking at the central act of the celebrations of the 5th of May, Midwife’s Day, minutes after distributing professional kits to 18 young people, within the scope of the 167th anniversary of the municipality of Ambriz, marked on the same date.

According to the deputy governor of Bengo, the young people covered by the PAPE benefited from training in the areas of metalwork, plumbing, agriculture, hairdressing, barbering and carpentry, at the Vocational Training Center of Ambriz, assigned to the National Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (INEFOP), and will be monitored during the execution of their projects, so that they are self-sustainable and guarantee the employability of other young people.

“We hope that the projects are implemented in a serious and responsible way, honoring their commitments, making the reimbursement of the credit received, after this way they will help the Government to create more jobs and, consequently, contribute to the improvement of living conditions. of many families”, he appealed.

Within the scope of the PAPE implemented, since 2019 in Bengo, a total of 331 young people have already benefited from professional kits, 101 received micro credits and 109 attended professional internships. In the period under analysis, of the 44 young people who were evaluated to obtain a professional card, only 28 were considered suitable.


Also as part of the celebrations for the 167th anniversary of the municipality of Ambriz, foodstuffs such as rice, condensed milk, beans, wheat flour, preserves (sardines, tuna and sausages), cookies, juices, corn flour, pasta and cooking oil were distributed. to a group of nine ex-soldiers, in order to be sold. The objective is to stimulate this type of business.

In order to improve basic sanitation and maintenance of access roads, within the scope of the Integrated Program for Local Development and Combating Poverty (PIDLCP), the Municipal Administration of Ambriz benefited from a tractor with a trailer, several containers and an earthworks kit. consisting of a dump truck, a grader and a backhoe.

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