Pedro Makita urges the union of staff for the development of the province

Pedro Makita urges the union of staff for the development of the province
Pedro Makita urges the union of staff for the development of the province

Africa-Press – Angola. The spirit of mutual collaboration and mutual help among the staff of the Government of Cuanza-Norte was pointed out yesterday by Governor Pedro Makita as a fundamental tool for the creation of ideas that can develop the province.

Speaking on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony and reappointment of members of the local Government, the governor said that the pursuit of tasks emanated by the Executive, in the context of solving the people’s problems, must be part of the priorities of the technicians.

Pedro Makita believes that the union and collaboration between the cadres can facilitate the task of governance.

Rosa Carlos, sworn in as the provincial director of Culture, promised to lend her knowledge so that Cuanza-Norte is a province of culture, where local habits and customs return to the daily lives of the inhabitants.

He promised to dedicate “special attention” to the identification of all existing monuments and sites along the Kwanza River corridor, in order to make them of national category and, later, to create the necessary conditions for the elevation of the river passage to heritage of humanity.

The reappointed director of the Integrated Economic Development Office, Fernando Mesquita, said that he will continue with the actions linked to the development of the business class, mainly in the area of ​​Commerce, through the improvement of the commercial circuit with more attributions of licenses.

For Fernando Mesquita, the control and inspection of the prices of the main products of the basic food basket is another concern of the sector he directs, in addition to the projected start-up of the industrial centers of Lucala and Massangano, in the municipality of Cambambe.

“We are going to create conditions for the areas of the two industrial poles to be infrastructures for greater attraction of private investment, in order to improve the chances of development of the region’s economy”, he said.

He stressed that in terms of the Geology sector, it is intended to guarantee greater registration of companies with mining activity in the province, with greater emphasis on inspection, with a view to collecting more revenue from the State coffers.

He also revealed the intention to create conditions for the granting of more bank credits and improvement of communication methods, to make the business class aware of the importance of credit in improving the activities of local companies and fighting poverty.

During the ceremony that took place in the oval room of the Government of Cuanza-Norte, Pedro Makita appointed two provincial directors in the Environment and Culture sectors, a person in charge to head his office, along with the advisor for the Political and Economic area.

The governor reappointed 24 directors of the different bodies that make up the State apparatus in Kwanza-Norte.

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