PGR investigates PIIM works stopped in Malanje

PGR investigates PIIM works stopped in Malanje
PGR investigates PIIM works stopped in Malanje

Africa-Press – Angola. Fifty works of the Integrated Plan for Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM) in the province of Malanje, which have been suspended for more than two years, are under investigation by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), with a view to assessing possible crimes and consequently holding those involved accountable.

The information was provided Tuesday, by the provincial governor of Malanje, Marcos Nhunga, at the opening of the 1st Ordinary Session of the local government, noting that the body has already created a commission that is going through the municipalities to assess the levels of physical execution and financial aspects of the projects.

The governor lamented the fact that the province is among the worst in the country in PIIM execution, remembering that of the 133 works registered, 50 are still to be completed, most of which are linked to earthworks.

He clarified that the delays in the aforementioned works are not related to the lack of payments, as the levels of financial execution are above the physical level.

Given the situation, Marcos Nhunga reiterated the need for public managers to continue to pursue transparency and refrain from acts of corruption.

He urged the engagement of provincial administrators and directors in improving citizens’ living conditions, with a focus on accessibility in neighborhoods, as well as strengthening the supply of water and electricity.

Running until the end of the day, the 1st Ordinary Session of the Provincial Government of Malanje is considering, among other issues, the readjustment and implementation report of the PlIM and the Integrated Program for Local Development and Combating Poverty (PIDLCP).

The meeting’s agenda includes the analysis of the results of the 1st Forum of Partners and Investors of the Province, to be held this year, the preparation of epidemiological surveillance against cholera, the state of the ravines in the municipality of Massango, the landslide in Morro de Cabatuquila , erosion of the Damba chain dam, and the collapse of the bridge over the Ngola River, in the municipalities of Quela, Mucari and Malanje.

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