Plant explosion kills a child in Caála

Plant explosion kills a child in Caála
Plant explosion kills a child in Caála

Africa-Press – Angola. A child died and two others were seriously injured, as a result of the explosion of a military device in the Kilometer 25 sector, municipality of Caála, Huambo province.

According to the chief of the village of Cacola, Daniel Caála, the incident, which occurred last Saturday, caused the death of a minor, aged ten, and serious injuries to two other children, aged eight and nine.

He explained that the explosion happened when the minors decided to play in a local rubbish bin and, there, came across an unexploded explosive object, which they thought would be a good idea to open it, in order to find out what was inside.

The injured receive medical/drug treatment at the Huambo General Hospital, specifically, in the intensive care section.

This is the first occurrence of its kind recorded this year in the municipality of Caála, in the western corridor of the province of Huambo, and the last one, also with a fatal victim, occurred in 2022.

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