Registration of markers remains unsprayed

Registration of markers remains unsprayed
Registration of markers remains unsprayed

Africa-Press – Angola. The record of goals, 29, scored by Carlos Alves, in 1980, at the service of 1º de Agosto, remains, for 42 years, a record to be pulverized in the National Football Championship of the I Division, Girabola.

Close to reaching the feat of the competition’s top scorer, with 43 years of history (1979), he was, twice, the Petro de Luanda striker, Jesus, in 1982 and 1984, when he scored 21 and 22 times .

In 1991, forward Amaral Aleixo, at the time with the colors of Sagrada Esperança, reached 23 goals. After 20 years, in 2001, striker Flávio, from Petro de Luanda, remained at that number.

Gelson Dala, 1º de Agosto’s attacking midfielder, also exuded, in 2016, the desire to surpass Alves, but this was nothing more than a pretense, as he ended the championship with 23 goals.

From that year to the present, only Tiago Azulão, a forward of Brazilian nationality, who plays with a tricolor on his chest, managed to reach 21 goals twice, in 2018 and 2022.

In the season just ended, Depu, a forward who played for Sagrada Esperança, was, for fans and lovers of the king sport in Angola, one of the main bets to break the numbers produced by the long-lived Carlos Alves. The aforementioned player was sidelined, due to injury, for more than six days, and still ended up in second position with 19 goals. Depu signed a contract with the Eixo Viário oil companies until May 2024.

With fewer goals scored, 12, stand out Zé Neli, from Petro de Huambo, in 1997, and André, in 2003, for Interclube.

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