Samzuga records highest number of Cryptocurrencies on the global market

Samzuga records highest number of Cryptocurrencies on the global market
Samzuga records highest number of Cryptocurrencies on the global market

Africa-Press – Angola. Archbishop and Professor Sam Zuga who just celebrated two years of the launch of Africa’s first indigenously-developed cryptocurrency, Zugacoin on December 1, 2022 has also continued to record more tremendous growth.

Zuga, the world’s first professor of the Digital Economy and Founder of Zugacoin had introduced Nigerians to his financial digital technology in 2020, two years down the line and the Samzuga ecosystem has continued to bask in great success.

In a new press release to the general public, Samzuga listed some of the achievements of Samzuga ecosystem for the last 2 years.

“We have 12 different Cryptocurrency brands listed on the global market. We have become the first and only institution to have the highest number of tradeable Cryptocurrencies on the global market.

All these platforms are built to confront and defeat poverty/unemployment in Africa.

All of them have been tested and are working perfectly. Their full potential would be released by the second quarter of 2023, “Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga also known as The Lion of Africa said.

Below are the platforms sponsored Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga for Africans.

1.African market cap(the first and the only cryptocurrency market signals tracker in Africa. Works exactly like coinmarketcap.

2 .Scan To Pay system (available only in China and Senegal, but this the first one built by and individual, Binance introduced it just 2 weeks ago).

Samzuga merchant app (the first and only P2P exchange in Africa.

African App store (works exactly like Google play store, the first and the only one in Africa)

Afrep utility app (for booking of flights, hotels, buying airtime, subscription for DStv and other related platforms, paying for utility bills and other online purchases with Cryptocurrency. The first and the only one in Africa)

Samzuga merchant wallet

Samzuga online shopping mall


Samzuga Drive


Samzuga ride.

ZUSD (the first and only stable coin in Africa)

Zugascan (the first Blockchain explorer in Africa.

Samzuga Smart Security Services App (SSSS). This is an app to enable someone who is in danger to contact the nearest police patrol, check point or station. Google map will guide the police to locate the place without stress.

A few weeks ago, the

cleric also known as Jehovah’s Field Marshall, was honoured with Award of LIFE PATRON of Nigeria Diaspora Organization NIDO (Gambia Chapter).

The Award was given to Professor Sam Zuga by the President and some officials of the organization in Banjul Gambia on Friday, December 9, 2023.

Re-enacting the need for the “life Patron award” the president of the “Nigerians in Diaspora organization the Gambia, Dr. Sam Chima Ochulor retreated that the Archbishop has earned this honour for standing as a leader in the digital Economy and cryptocurrency promotion in Africa.

The secretary General, Great Akah Ottuduoma also added that, through Archbishop Sam zuga he now has more understanding about cryptocurrency, before now, anytime he hears anything about cryptocurrency the first thing that comes to his mind is Scam.

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