Second consecutive triumph for Angola in the Chess Olympics

Second consecutive triumph for Angola in the Chess Olympics
Second consecutive triumph for Angola in the Chess Olympics

Africa-Press – Angola. The Men’s National Team recorded the second consecutive triumph at the Chess Olympics, today, against Oman, in Chennai, India.

After the victory with Jersey Island and a day break, on the way back to the boards, at table 1, the Angolan Master Fide, Sérgio Miguel went to play against Master Fide, Amer Al Maashani.

In a game that wanted to be dynamic, having opened with a pawn to e4, the Fide Master of Oman made a serious mistake on the 11th move, when he exchanged the white-squared bishop on e6 for a knight on b3, allowing the rook to open on to 1.

Sérgio Miguel took the opportunity to penalize the opponent, attacking without mercy, and ending the match after 53 moves.

On table 2, Vanderson Dias, with the black pieces, faced another Fide Master, Al Amri Salim Mohamed, opting for the Caro-Kann Defense, responding pawn to e4 from white with pawn to c6, followed by knight f3 and pawn to d5.

The option for a solid defense against the dynamic game on the part of the Omani opponent, guaranteed Vanderson the control forcing the opponent to commit to lower bids that did not pass unrelated to the calculation that brought the second point to the national combined.

On table 3, the Angolan Fide Master Domingos Júnior played with the white pieces in a duel worthy of being studied, as pragmatism and efficiency prevailed, and it was possible to observe that the pieces were led to where they were needed, ending with a beautiful checkmate in the middle of the board after 34 moves, having used only 7 minutes of his time.

At table 4, the candidate for master, Amaro Lutuima, faced Mana Al Kathiri, in a meeting marked by intensity. The game in which the army of black pieces mobilized to expose the white king to attacks that were difficult to defend, but the result of some inaccuracies, caused the opponent to take the lead on the 46th move due to a bad positioning of the rook and continued along the capture an Amaro pawn, leaving the rook unprotected.

However, luckily for the Angolan player, the opponent from Oman ended up making a mistake that guaranteed the 4-0 for the national team.

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