Social Security pension has risen since June

Social Security pension has risen since June
Social Security pension has risen since June

Africa-Press – Angola. The maximum amount of the pension paid by the National Social Security Institute (INSS) has risen since June this year to 607,874 kwanzas against the previous 578,928 kwanzas, announced Friday (5th) in Luanda, the Minister of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security (MAPTSS).

Teresa Rodrigues Dias explained that the increase was based on Presidential Decree No. 161/22, of 20 June, which set the minimum pension at 48,272 kwanzas, as opposed to the 33,598 previously received by pensioners.

The minister, who was speaking during the presentation of the Social Security mediators, pointed out that this change is part of the improvement of pensions and benefits that have been carried out by the INSS.

Teresa Rodrigues Dias advanced that the updating of values ​​above the minimum amount and below the old-age pensions were subject to an increase of ten percent.

These updates, he explained, resulted from a long technical work, so that the sustainability of the Mandatory Social Protection System would not be jeopardized.

“That is why the INSS has to work today, to improve the future tomorrow, in line with the Executive’s strategy, in economic growth, diversification of the economy, formalization of economic activities, as well as the modernization of means, goods and services. for the sustainability of the Angolan economy”, he assured.

The minister highlighted that, in recent years, the INSS has taken on the challenge of modernizing, making the institute more technically and financially robust, as well as training the human capital included in its staff.

The Mandatory Social Protection System, he said, is based on a financing process guaranteed by the contributions of employers and workers, which allows us to say that it is an inter-generational commitment, in which these active parties pay with their contributions the pensions of the current pensioners and have a legitimate expectation that future employees will pay their pensions with at least the same level of benefits.

The minister said that it has been a priority for the sector to promote Social Security measures to encourage the hiring of the unemployed, young people with disabilities and to encourage the voluntary regularization of debts to the INSS, simultaneously with the modernization of the Mandatory Social Protection System.

Mediators Dynamize The INSS

In total, 91 mediators start to provide services to the INSS, in the provinces of Luanda and Benguela, after having completed a specific training process.

Regarding their mission, the MAPTSS holder explained that the mediators will work in order to attract more contributors to the Social Security base.

Teresa Rodrigues Dias clarified that Social Security intermediaries are a new type of professionals, within the scope of providing services to taxpayers, insured persons, pensioners and beneficiaries of Mandatory Social Protection.

The minister added that it is up to the mediators to carry out the activity of mediation, with all companies and taxpayers, even those that already have registered workers.

The official stressed that it should also be considered that mediators are professionals who will work with self-employed professionals and self-employed workers, as well as all insured persons, pensioners and their dependents, who are beneficiaries of social benefits. and who lack their services.

For the materialization of the best performance of work, the minister urged the mediators to have a prudent activity, so that, with the effort of all, it is possible to achieve the objectives that govern the launch of this class of professionals in the job market and that the INSS reach its scope, in providing better services to the beneficiaries.

Teresa Rodrigues Dias considers the activity of mediators to be innovative, contributing to job creation. “The mediator has to assume himself as a recruiter of taxpayers and policyholders, always seeking to identify and attract new taxpayers to Social Security and enroll new policyholders, promoting the services of Compulsory Social Protection, the rights and duties of policyholders and taxpayers”, he highlighted.

Career Criteria

The MAPTSS holder also said that mediators must provide effective support in registering and in the relationship with Social Security, namely with regard to the declaration and payment of contributions.

With innovations such as the figure of the Social Security mediator, it revealed that the INSS reinforces its commitment to the defense and development of a comprehensive and sustainable Social Security, which responds to the needs of Social Protection and guarantees, throughout life, the future. workers, their families and all beneficiaries, ensuring greater social cohesion and the reduction of inequalities, poverty and social exclusion.

He explained that the mediators also contribute to the expansion of the network of INSS agencies across the country, aiming to ensure greater proximity to users and beneficiaries, promoting dialogue and social reflection through the holding of events of high technical value with specialists in matter.

Among the main criteria for accessing a career as a mediator are the need to be young, with completed high school, and to attend the Social Security Mediators course.

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