Society enlightened on electoral data

Society enlightened on electoral data
Society enlightened on electoral data

Africa-Press – Angola. Members of different social strata in the municipality of Soyo, province of Zaire, were, this Monday, clarified about the complaints process, in relation to omissions and irregularities contained in the database of older citizens, within the framework of the Official Electoral Register, closed last April 7 across the country.

During a lecture in the amphitheater of the Escola Superior Politécnica do Soyo, the participants, including communal administrators, representatives of religious denominations, Defense and Security bodies, traditional authorities, were explained by the director of the Provincial Office of Records and Administrative Modernization of Zaire, António Félix Kialunguila, on the three possibilities available for accessing electoral data.

“We have this period, before the call for elections by the Holder of the Executive Power, for complaints, with three possibilities: the first is via the Internet, through the website; the second is to call toll free the number 136 and the citizen is attended by the operators assigned to the operations center of the Ministry of Territory Administration. The third possibility is in person. That is, the citizen, not having a telephone, can go to the BUAP and ask the operator to consult the data of its unofficial electoral register”, he explained.

He advanced that after consulting the citizen about the status of the registration and finding, eventually, any omission or irregularity – which could be a poorly spelled name, wrong address details, affiliation, gender and, mainly, the polling place – it is immediately adjusted.

The director of the Zaire Provincial Registry and Administrative Modernization Office said that the meeting also served to pass on the information that every citizen who has updated their registration, and who eventually lost their voter card, can request the issuance of the duplicate, provided that it is in a territorial area covered by the services of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, so that it does not remain without voting in the general elections scheduled for next August.

The representatives of the churches, who were present, appreciated the holding of the meeting and guaranteed to transmit the message received to the faithful.

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