Sousa Garcia works with an incomplete group

Sousa Garcia works with an incomplete group
Sousa Garcia works with an incomplete group

Africa-Press – Angola. Midfielder Ladainha Haufiku, from Atlético do Cunene, is expected today in Luanda to join the training sessions of the women’s national football team, as part of the preparation for the COSAFA Cup dispute, between the end of September and early October, in the South African city of Port Elizabeth.

In the country’s capital , Victorina Vissapa Muhongo “Vivix” has been in the country’s capital since Tuesday .

The Welwitschias Mirabilis technical team, led by coach Sousa Garcia, is working with the incomplete group, due to some personal administrative issues of the players.

“The preparation started on Monday (last), but unfortunately we are not working with all the athletes yet. Some pre-selected are absent”, said the coach.

At this stage, the National Team works from Monday to Saturday, in the afternoon, at Cidadela.

In 2021, in South Africa, Angola failed to qualify for the second stage of the competition, thanks to the third position in Group A of the COSAFA Cup, with two points, behind Malawi, in second place, with six.

South Africa ranked first in the series, with seven points, and Mozambique was fourth and last, with one point.

Sousa Garcia called up goalkeepers Mimi (Paulo FC), Rita (Clube Desportivo do Exército), Sandrina (Clínica Sagrada Esperança) and Odilia (Amigas do Porto/Huíla); defenders Fatigada (GR Kilamba), Simba (Army), Lídia Lubano (Clínica Sagrada Esperança), Dorcássia, Indira and Vanuza (1º de Agosto), Nela (GR Kilamba) and Neuma (Tchapesseca/Huambo), midfielders Sara and Margarete (1º de Agosto), Chiquita (GR Kilamba), Marizete (Paulo FC), Arminda Lopes, Ndjusse, Lurdinha and Mariza (4 de Junho/Huambo), Zita (Glorioso FC), Djamila (without club), Béu and Yara (Sacred Hope Clinic). In attack, the coach has players Bia (GR Kilamba), Ngonguinha (Army) and Cristina (Clínica Sagrada Esperança).

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