Special Forces celebrate 44 years with team spirit

Special Forces celebrate 44 years with team spirit
Special Forces celebrate 44 years with team spirit

Africa-Press – Angola. On Thursday, the Special Forces celebrated the 44th anniversary of their creation, whose central ceremony took place in Cabo-Ledo, under the guidance of Abreu Ukuatchitembu “Kamorteiro”, Chief of the Deputy General Staff for Operational and Development Area, and witnessed by members of the Executive, high ranks of the Defense and Security Bodies, representatives of civil society and guests.

Speaking at the central act, after paying tribute to the Special Forces soldiers heroically fallen in the defense of the homeland, General Kamorteiro said that “the country needs conscious soldiers, men and women focused on the current challenges, especially on the moralization of society, on the defense of public patrimony and respect for moral and civic values”.

Cited in a note from the institution, he also highlighted the need to reinforce discipline and team spirit, highlighting the importance of maintaining strength of character, respect for superiors and love for the country.

During the intervention, he urged the personnel of the Angolan Armed Forces and the Special Forces, in particular, to have an active and exemplary participation in the exercise of civic law, giving “a good example of responsible citizenship”.

With a vast program of activities, the ceremony was marked by the reading of several congratulatory messages, demonstration of the multiple operational valences of this elite FAA force, including the launching of paratroopers and the granting of incentives to the military and civilian workers who stood out the most. in the performance of his duty.

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