Support for youth boosts job creation in Cuanza Norte

Support for youth boosts job creation in Cuanza Norte
Support for youth boosts job creation in Cuanza Norte

Africa-Press – Angola. The president of the Cuanza Norte Provincial Youth Council (CPJ), Gaspar Faustino Domingos, highlighted yesterday, in Ndalatando, the actions implemented in the region in favor of youth, in 2022, highlighting the Action Plan to Promote Employability (PAPE).

The province has three youth support projects that are reflected in the creation of jobs.

Within the scope of PAPE, implemented by the National Institute of Employment and Professional Training (INEFOP), 600 young people benefited from professional kits that year, 105 of which through CPJ, through the cooperation that the two organizations maintain.

Another 209 young people received micro-credits, valued at 300,000 kwanzas each, to promote business initiatives, which created 210 new jobs.

PAPE has allowed the creation of 9,573 jobs in Cuanza Norte since it began to be implemented in March 2020.

It benefited 2,119 young people with professional kits, 258 with micro-credits, 134 with professional cards and 289 with paid professional internships and trained 3,266 young people through short-term training programs.

Gaspar Domingos, who was speaking to press, about youth opportunities in the field of employability, added that 534 young people benefited from 97 hectares of land destined for agricultural production, within the framework of the Agro-youth project.

The provincial government initiative, launched in October 2020, is being implemented in the municipalities of Bolongongo, Cambambe, Golungo Alto, Quiculungo, Samba Caju and Lucala.

The project contemplates the preparation of 100 hectares of land per municipality, but only 97 were cultivated, in five of the 10.

He said that in Cuanza Norte, young people still have at their disposal the National Production Support Program (Projapron), which has been implemented since November 2021.

On the initiative of the National Youth Council (CNJ), it seeks partnerships to develop youth entrepreneurial initiatives.

The program has registered 50 young people in the province, 15 of whom have already benefited from technical assistance in agricultural extension and consultancy in agribusiness.

These young people are waiting for credits to be made available from the Agrarian Development Fund (FADA), an action that is being conditioned by the lack of land concession titles.

This fact, he continued, is discouraging many young people from joining the government’s youth support packages, which is why the institution is advocating for the reduction of bureaucracy in the process of issuing the said document.

At the moment, 580 young people are registered in the province grouped to form youth cooperatives of farmers.

In addition to encouraging agricultural production, the Council is also engaged in projects to combat juvenile delinquency, alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, among others.

He appealed to young people to take advantage of government funding facilities within the scope of programs to encourage local production, organizing themselves in cooperatives.

The Provincial Council of Cuanza Norte da Juventude brings together 64 youth organizations.

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