the house of letters

the house of letters
the house of letters

Africa-Press – Angola. Angolan Writers’ Union: The Angolan Writers’ Union was proclaimed on December 10, 1975, in Luanda, being the first cultural institution in the post-independent country. Agostinho Neto assumes the presidency of the general assembly and Luandino Vieira occupies the position of secretary general.

The constitution of the “house of Angolan letters” was carried out with the signature of its 32 founding members, pontificating prominent names of writers who would come to play a leading role in the consolidation of the Angolan imagination through letters. Arnaldo Santos, António Jacinto, António Cardoso, Jofre Rocha, Fernando Costa Andrade “Ndunduma”, Aires de Almeida Santos, Unhenga Xitu, Adriano Botelho de Vasconcelos, Garcia Bires and João Melo. In the obligations of its statute, the newly created cultural institution urged, among other things, its members to “fully assume their condition of writer, intervening in the cultural life of the Country through literary production and participation in other activities of a cultural nature”.

Over the years, the União dos Escritores Angolanos has been the main stage for the promotion of literature, leading to weekly debates, such as the usual “Makas à Quarta-feira”, in which authors and stages of Angolan literature are discussed.

Currently, the writer David Capelenguela is the secretary-general, serving his second term, and the poet Lopito Feijóo is the chairman of the Board of the General Assembly.

Chair in Rome and Porto

The António Agostinho Neto Foundation (FAAN), the Union of Angolan Writers (UEA) and the Roma Tre University signed an agreement in 2014 in Rome that allowed the creation of the “Agostinho Neto Chair” at that Italian university.

The agreement was signed by Maria Eugénia Neto, president of FAAN, António Francisco Luís do Carmo Neto, then secretary general of the UEA, and by Professor Mario Panizza, Rector of Roma Tre University. With this protocol, the Department of Language, Literature and Foreign Culture of that university also begins to dedicate itself to the teaching of literature and culture of Angola.

On the occasion, Maria Eugénia Neto said that the Foundation she directs “is proud to sign this cooperation protocol with the Roma Tre University, in order to establish the Agostinho Neto Chair in the study of Angolan language, literature and Culture”.

In 2019, Maria Eugénia Neto signed a protocol with the University of Porto that creates the Agostinho Neto Chair at this higher education institution.

The Rector of the University of Porto, João Veloso, considered the act an international achievement and welcomed the signing of the protocol that honors a remarkable figure in Angolan History and Culture who, due to his role as a poet and man of culture, is one of the greatest writers of the Portuguese language.

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