Traditional Belizean Authorities Call for Civility

Traditional Belizean Authorities Call for Civility
Traditional Belizean Authorities Call for Civility

Africa-Press – Angola. The mayor of the town of Zala de Cima, commune of Luiali, municipality of Belize, in Cabinda, Marcelo Micelo, appealed to political forces competing in the general elections to urge militants, friends and sympathizers to be guided by an orderly civic conduct, during and after the election, to preserve the peace that cost Angolans sacrifice.

The 70-year-old traditional authority, who has been participating in the party of democracy (elections) since 1992, made such an exhortation during an electoral civic education campaign promoted by the Ministry of the Interior in partnership with Movangola, in that district that is about 200 kilometers north of Cabinda, with the aim of raising awareness among citizens about the posture they should adopt before, during and after the electoral process.

According to the mayor of the Zala de Cima village, who was speaking on behalf of the 29 traditional authorities of the municipality of Belize, it is “important that at the time of the electoral campaign, it is essential that the leaders of the competing political forces can transmit messages of peace, harmony and reconciliation, both among its militants and among the population in general, so that the August 24 elections take place in a climate of peace and brotherhood among Angolans, always based on respect for difference.

At the height of his age, mayor Marcelo Micelo, is of the opinion that political actors should, in this difficult phase of the electoral campaign, seek at all costs to “hunt the vote, convince the electorate, presenting their electoral projects and programs of governance properly sustained and not set out on fallacious promises”.

“The message of politicians should not be made only in the sense of hunting votes, but above all, in the exhortation to civics, love of neighbor and above all in the announcement of projects for the future”, he noted.

Politicians, he continued, must be civic educators and peacemakers, always bearing in mind the people as the foundation of all their inspirations.

For his part, the mayor of Caio Guembo, in the commune of Miconje, Bernardo António Conde, said that the experiences lived in previous elections demand caution and restraint from everyone, especially for political leaders so that the spirit of peace, harmony and companionship that is lived within the Angolan people can be preserved.

Bernardo António Conde added that political differences should not constitute moments of tension or division among Angolans because peace and social harmony are above ideological interests.

Mayor Bernardo Conde said that the elections are a party that must count on the active participation of the entire voting population in which they exercise their right to vote, freely electing the party and candidate that best suits them.

“I voted for the first time in the 1992 elections and since then, I have always voted in all elections and that is a reason for pride and satisfaction in being able to vote for the fifth time”, he said.

The mayor informed that he has been carrying out a wide-ranging work to raise awareness among the 1,415 adults of age in his area of ​​jurisdiction, in order to join the polling stations en masse on the 24th, to exercise their civic rights.

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