Training of staff in the Health Sector under debate in the National Assembly

Training of staff in the Health Sector under debate in the National Assembly
Training of staff in the Health Sector under debate in the National Assembly

Africa-Press – Angola. The deputies will debate, at the 5th ordinary plenary meeting of the IV legislature of the National Assembly, scheduled for the 18th of this month, the Health sector Strategy for the Training of Human Resources, including other concerns, under the initiative of the MPLA parliamentary group. .

The spokesman of the National Assembly, Raul Lima, announced, Thursday, at the end of the conference of presidents of the parliamentary groups, referring to the 5th legislative session of the IV legislature, that the debate will take place before the agenda.

The proposal, an MPLA initiative, has the support of the UNITA parliamentary group, which in turn suggested the introduction of the issue of labor disputes between the Ministry of Health and the respective officials.

On the subject, the 1st vice-president of the MPLA parliamentary group, Manuel da Cruz Neto, highlighted that the ruling party intends, “with this initiative, to explain to society the organization of the Health System in the country, but from the perspective of resources humans”.

With this exercise, he added, they also intend to hear the opinion of all deputies on what is happening in the country, with regard to this sector. “We are not oblivious to what is happening. We all know that, in any system, the most critical aspect is man, as well as his ability to develop and bring to fruition what the system was created for”, he said.

The MPLA deputy mentioned, by the way, that his bench introduced the topic of human resources management in Angola, and thus UNITA agreed and also proposed that the issue of conflict between employers and doctors be integrated. , in particular strikes.

In this context, he explained that an agreement had been reached. “As the strike has to do with the management of human resources, the topic was expanded to look at the strategy of training staff in the field of health”, he stressed, adding: “We want to know what the Ministry of Health is doing, at this level, because in the end, who pays are the users. We don’t want this situation to continue”, underlined the 1st vice-president of the MPLA parliamentary group.

UNITA considers relevant the introduction of the topic
The 1st vice-president of the UNITA parliamentary group, Maurílio Luiele, considered the introduction of the topic, to be discussed before the agenda, relevant, taking into account the labor disputes between employers and doctors. The parliamentary group of the largest opposition party also understands that the measures underway to resolve this conflict do not put an end to the situation, but tend to exacerbate it. “For this reason, we believe it is important that, at the level of Parliament, this aspect be discussed, and the theme proposed by the MPLA, from our point of view, allows us to introduce into the debate what is intended to be concrete”, said Luiele.

The UNITA deputy defended a reform in the system that would meet these priorities. “The failure of policies is demonstrated in the persistence of health indices and the lack of investment in the primary network”, he said.

For the representative of CASA-CE, Alexandre Sebastião André, the plenary session on the 18th of this month will have two moments, with emphasis on the debate on the “Health Sector”, followed by the agenda, where various diplomas will be approved and the OGE execution report, referring to the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2021, was appreciated. As for the point that precedes the agenda, the politician said that the sector faces a delicate situation, which is a concern of the MPLA parliamentary group and also of the UNITED.

For his part, the leader of the parliamentary group of the Social Renewal Party (PRS), Benedito Daniel, considered the debate on the strategy for training health human resources an opportunity for Parliament to contribute ideas, so that, in the coming days, no more strikes.

“You cannot imagine how many lives were lost during this period of strike. We can even think that it is something that passes through administrative or functional criteria, but it is much more painful for people who have lost their loved ones, who, under normal circumstances, maybe they would still be alive”, emphasized Benedito Daniel.

For the FNLA parliamentary group, the National Assembly should not address the Health Sector training strategy, only make considerations about its functioning.

Lucas Ngonda also said that during the conference of leaders of the parliamentary groups, the discussions were around the MPLA’s proposal to introduce the respective topic for debate. “We understand that the Ministry of Health has a certain strategy that allows it to manage the staff and the functioning of the units”, he concluded.

Global Final Vote
During the 5th ordinary meeting, the Parliament will proceed with the swearing-in of members of the Board of Directors of the National Civil Aviation Authority, appointed on Tuesday by the President of the Republic.

The deputies will proceed to the final global vote on the proposal for an organic Law on the Organization and Operation of the Courts of the Common Jurisdiction, as well as the proposal for a Law that amends Law nº 27/12, of 28 August, on the Merchant Marine, Related Activities, which was under discussion in the specialty, yesterday.

The proposal for a Law amending the Press Law, the proposal for a Law on the Exercise of Broadcasting Activity and the proposal for a Law on Polls and Opinion Surveys will also go to the final global vote.

In general, the deputies will also approve the proposed Law that amends the Industrial Tax Code. Regarding the diploma, the 1st vice-president of the UNITA parliamentary group said it was a surprise proposal, given its recent approval. “We have here a proposal for a surprise amendment to the Industrial Tax Code, since it has not been long since its approval”, he concluded.

This measure, he indicated, reveals a certain instability and may convey some legal uncertainty in this matter. Disagreeing with deputy Maurílio Luiele, the 1st vice-president of the MPLA parliamentary group, Manuel da Cruz Neto, defended that this is a one-off change, hence the need to do it now, and not leave it for later.

“We have to be aware of what happens in the world. Today, the world is so unstable that almost no one can predict what will happen tomorrow”, he justified.

The balance report of the OGE, referring to the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2021, as well as the annual report of the activities of the ombudsman, referring to the year 2021, will also be appreciated during the 5th ordinary plenary meeting.

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