UNESCO honors Agostinho Neto

UNESCO honors Agostinho Neto
UNESCO honors Agostinho Neto

Africa-Press – Angola. A delegation from the António Agostinho Neto Foundation (FAAN), headed by its president, Maria Eugénia Neto, participates today, in Paris, France, in the celebration of the centenaries of Agostinho Neto, José Saramago (Portugal), Lima Barreto (Brazil) and José Craveirinha (Mozambique), event to be held at UNESCO headquarters.

The activity, which serves to celebrate the World Day of the Portuguese Language, will include the granting, by the FAAN, of the Holy Hope Order, posthumously, to 23 intellectuals, scientists, artists and members of the Académie Française who, in 1955, signed two petitions to the President of Portugal for the release of Agostinho Neto.

The Sagrada Esperança Order, created on March 2, 2015, is an honorary order of FAAN, intended to reward or distinguish, in life or posthumously, citizens, nationals or foreigners, who have distinguished themselves, for exceptional acts or whoever provided relevant services to the struggle for National Liberation in Angola.

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