Young man develops project to exchange broken plastic for new basins

Young man develops project to exchange broken plastic for new basins
Young man develops project to exchange broken plastic for new basins

Africa-Press – Angola. A project to exchange damaged or broken plastic for new bathtubs, in order to help the most vulnerable people and minimize the focus of the product on neighborhoods and streets of the country’s cities, is being developed by a young entrepreneur.

The project started five years ago in Luanda and is being developed by the private company “Adilson Comercial”, run by the young Sabino Mário and has so far passed through the provinces of Malanje, Cuanza Norte, Bengo, Uíge, Bié, Benguela and Huambo

The initiative has already distributed more than 200,000 new plastic basins to thousands of families and currently employs 32 people.

Speaking to press yesterday, in this city, the mentor of the initiative, which recently developed the activity in Huíla, explained that when they arrive at a certain point, they send the information and people show up with their material to exchange for the new basins.

“Whoever has four broken chairs, we exchange them for three basins, one of 20 liters, one of eight and the other of five.

If you don’t have the chairs, just add the broken basins equivalent to the weight of the chairs, otherwise, the number of basins is reduced “, said.

He referred that all the broken plastic received from the exchange is channeled to factories that produce materials with the product and these, in turn, provide new basins that the company exchanges with the interested population.

He justified that the choice of basins was due to the fact that it is a household appliance that is much requested by people as they are part of the primary goods of a home.

He stated that if they had a recycling machine they would have a better job, as recycled plastic costs more than the material discarded as waste.

He made it known that they are producing five tons of plastic every day and are reducing the pockets of plastic waste that still exist in cities and neighbourhoods.

He pointed out that they have three vans that do advertising and the objective is to grow and to continue distributing more than two thousand bathtubs to each municipality, depending on the population’s adherence.

He added that at the beginning there was some resistance from the people who did not understand the company’s work, but over time the situation was overcome and they are already working with the nuance of the administrations and the National Police.

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