Africa-Press – Botswana. Botswana Ignite team has embarked on activation drive across the country encouraging Batswana to register for the exciting comedy show, Family Feud Botswana.

In an interview with Duncan Irvine of the Steve Harvey Global and Forge Media, he said they were currently receiving entries but not entirely satisfied with the numbers. He said applications for entries of Family Feud Botswana will close on June 5, and filming will start in September.

The show, to be aired on Botswana Television, will be hosted by the man himself Steve Harvey, the award-winning entertainer, businessman and philanthropist. To encourage Batswana to enter in large numbers, the team has embarked on a drive across the country for Batswana to register, not only from Gaborone but anywhere else in Botswana.

“We started our activation drives this past weekend in Gaborone, and this weekend we are moving to Francistown and Maun and then back to Gaborone. This drive is to get more people to enter in large numbers. We are still looking for more families to enter,” Irvine said.

He added that the Family Feud questions and survey team would be coming into Botswana next week, because they would need 100 people to answer the questions. He said they see a lot of younger generation of families of 20 to 30-year-olds entering, and said they would love to see more of inter-generational family members.

“We would like to see more of teams of five that are two 20-year-olds, two 30-40-year-olds and maybe a 60-year-old, because that is where a lot of the fun and entertainment is,” said Irvine.

He further said production companies filming the show would be a combination of South Africans and Batswana.

“Because it is also designed to teach and train, we have the Botswana Ignite television academy students plugging into it to shadow with the best teams with the best amount of experience,” he said.

The filming of Family Feud Botswana will be done in South Africa in September, because of issues of the set.

“Our challenge is that the set does not fit in the auditorium, but there are plans for next year to film it in Botswana and we need to plan for that,” Irvine explained, adding that they will be transporting participants to South Africa. Family Feud game show, as it suggests, is a game for the family.

However, it does not necessarily mean a traditional family, but a family in a broad sense of group of people in a social club, or soccer team, or perhaps a group of journalists, or to an extent second or third distant family relative because those combinations are the funniest with such uncles and aunts and cousins.

The audition video, according to Botswana Ignite website, should have introduction of family members and each family member introducing themselves. A three to five minutes audition video can be sent to to be part of this iconic game that is about two families who compete with each other to correctly guess the most responses to questions surveyed from the general public about Botswana.

The video should also include photos and fun stories as well as play mock games of families cheering each other and just showing that they are having a great time as a family. Cash prizes and the ultimate P50 000 is up for grabs.

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