Nako Timepieces adds new watch range

Nako Timepieces adds new watch range
Nako Timepieces adds new watch range

Africa-Press – Botswana. The Nako Timepieces Three Dikgosi Edition has added a new watch range to its line dubbed Rattan. In an interview with Arts & Culture, the co- founder of The Nako Timepieces, Gabriel Mothibedi said Rattan is a masterpiece of watch making.

Mothibedi described the Rattan as a watch that succeeds on multiple levels, touching hearts and opening minds alike while effortlessly merging Botswana’s heritage with modern horology.

He explained that the groundbreaking innovation opened to the highest record of pre-orders and sales records over the last three months of its production and which were also the highest sales in the history of Nako Timepieces. “The Rattan has become an instant cultural phenomenon, sparking discussions, causing reflections, inspiring people young and old, and breaking down old creative industry myths.

As a founding director and Chief Design Officer at Nako Timepieces, I have received amazing feedback, credits and praise about the masterpiece we have created. I have never witnessed such an overwhelming outpouring of genuine excitement, respect, and gratitude as I have seen for the Nako Timepieces Three Dikgosi Edition Rattan. We have migrated from country branding where we had ‘Botswana’ etched on the dial of the watch, to embossing our Brand Philosophy ‘Timeless Heritage’, which speaks to the importance of showcasing diversity, myriad voices, visions and it is for people of the world to be included and represented in our art and creation.

This change is a testament to our company’s willingness to champion bold business and creative initiatives, our ability to execute an innovative vision flawlessly and our commitment to bringing extraordinary timepieces to a world that is hungry of ‘Timeless Innovation’ and great storytelling,” he said. He also pointed out that the refined Brand Philosophy was a part of their progressive values embedded in their 2022 Global Growth Strategy, whose objective was to increase the variety and classes of high-quality timepieces.

This was meant to advance in 4IR Technology and Planform Business such as apps, user-interfaces, customer acquisition and retention, data management, digital sales and distribution, to design and manufacture more compelling products, with locally sourced raw materials (diamonds, leather and glass), and to enter world markets and to grow globally. “Rattan is inspired by Botswana and is proudly African. The Nako Timepieces Three Dikgosi Edition Rattan is inspired by the pattern-rich and meticulous craftsmanship of Botswana Basketry, particularly of the Ngamiland District. This product highlights the emergence of a cultural evolution based on basketry crafts and for Nako Timepieces pure horological artistry.

The dial of the Three Dikgosi Edition Classic Rattan transforms the iconic tradition of our original classic timepieces into a timepiece fusing Afrocentric and modern designs synonymous with Nako Timepieces’ signature design philosophy of merging innovation and watch making that is proudly African. No detail was overlooked when designing our Three Dikgosi Edition: The Nako Rattan bears handcrafted patterns which are characterised by naturalistic shapes and an organic visual flow, a pre-eminent necessity of African art.” he added.

Mothibedi also said Nako’s timepieces continue to merge innovation and luxury watch making that is inspired by Botswana and is proudly African. “A highlight on our design and manufacturing strategies at Nako Timepieces our design innovation process; applied research, strategy, idealisation, rapid prototyping and optimisation for manufacturing is performed in Gaborone, Botswana and manufacturing in Geneva, Switzerland. That being the case, our products are 100% designed in Botswana and therefore 100% Botswana products.

The distance imposed by geography and implicit in power is reinforced by the structures within which the work gets done,” he stated. Furthermore, he pointed out that labour division became central to their concept of work, since every company wanted specialised talent, to deliver faster, better, cheaper results, greater efficiency and productivity.

As it is common practice in the manufacturing industry worldwide, Mothibedi emphasised that the highly priced retail outlets, which had most young Batswana businesses in debts of rentals in Gaborone’s malls, remained a great challenge for them. He added that local brands were in debts of rentals and the little they made was sent to property managers therefore killing small businesses. He said small businesses were expected to pay same rentals saying securing space in those malls was not as easy, priority and areas with good traffic are given to the same multinationals.

He said they needed policies and support programmes in business for SMME’s support in that regard. He added that government and the private sector intervention to help nurture small businesses was also vital. Mothibedi explained that they have a wide range of market audience divided into four different classes. The classes are entry level class: slimline; BWP1,500 for women, BWP 1,700 for men | lower-mid class: Rattan; BWP3,000 for men and BWP2,500 for women | upper-mid class (to be launched with swiss automatic movements): BWP10,000 for women and BWP15,000 for men | high-end: (to be launched with Botswana diamonds and swiss automatic movements). Mothibedi further said their secret in penetrating the market is all in storytelling, good brand and product placement, product differentiation strategies and brand and product positioning strategies.

He stated that their quest to seize opportunities within Botswana and in global markets has been backed by a strong desire and emphasis on sharing their story and vision with key and influential people of the world. As a result, he said they have been thrilled to share round table discussions with presidents, ministers, chief executives, strategists, designers, innovation facilitators and entrepreneurs.

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