TheNeoHub Pivots Entrepreneurs Out of COVID-19 Adversity

TheNeoHub Pivots Entrepreneurs Out of COVID-19 Adversity
TheNeoHub Pivots Entrepreneurs Out of COVID-19 Adversity

Africa-PressBotswana. With many companies adapting to the new market dictates in order to thrive, TheNeoHub, a local start-up owned by Zindzi Letsididi is also taking strides towards that with her innovation lab.

Letsididi told Business Monitor that she decided to open a one stop shop innovation lab after realising a need in the market.

The company was established early this year.

Through the lab, TheNeoHub offers mentorship, monitoring, legal services, financial services and marketing. Letsididi explained that for an entrepreneur to get these services, they need to be a member which is either by invitation or through application.

She added that through the membership, the incubated businesses are exposed to partnership for two years. The first three months sees the company’s character being built and then from the fourth month they start operating. “Before incubating a company, we conduct a needs analysis to see if the company can afford our services. Not only do we look into your business idea, but we also offer a variety of services and human-centred, value-added services such as financial planning. We also test ideas at the lab to see if they are viable,” she explained.

Letsididi said TheNeoHub takes an intentional interest in developing and propelling start-ups towards being sustainable key players who are locally made but globally relevant. The former financial expert said TheNeoHub tagline ‘we start, grow and sustain with you’ represents the company’s intention to journey with

the start-ups, from conception to a ready package worthy of investment.

“Driven by innovative solutions and a strong international network, the Hub uses progressive approaches in its training content but also the delivery.

To let every start-up reach up to its highest potential it is necessary that we keep up to all the amazing technical and teaching methods that are available,” she said. Through the Hub, TheNeoHub serves product developers, innovators as well as research, development and innovative start-ups.

In addition, the feasibility of the ideas through the mobilisation of products and services that empower founders to take advantage of opportunities in the rapidly growing economies.

Next year, TheNeoHub plans to launch a series of new seminars and webinars that will tackle even new target groups with topics like coding and robotics.

TheNeoHub has positioned itself by uniquely pivoting entrepreneurs out of the adversity of COVID-19 through collaboration and intentional knowledge share. “It was a real challenge to adapt our business to the new situation and give young innovative entrepreneurs a perspective at the same time.

TheNeoHub turned into a COVID-19-friendly venue for digital events. By taking the chance of the attractive location, webinars, shootings, and other broadcastings have been held at the hub.”


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