Angola aims to extend cooperation with Cape Verde

Angola aims to extend cooperation with Cape Verde
Angola aims to extend cooperation with Cape Verde

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Angolan President Joao Lourenco on Monday expressed his firm support to strengthen economic and trade relations with Cape Verde. The president made the remarks as Cape Verdean President, Jose Maria Neves, arrived here on Sunday for a three-day state visit.

Lourenco said he considered the visit a great opportunity to broaden cooperation between both states. “For this purpose, we have to overcome current obstacles that the COVID-19 imposes on us,” said the president, noting how the pandemic has weighed on the economic growth of Angola and Cape Verde and caused unemployment and other social problems.

The Cape Verde delegation includes business people from various sectors, who with their Angolan counterparts may create an important dynamic in trade between the two countries, Lourenco noted.

For his part, Neves said his country intends to cooperate with Angola in the fields of transport, trade, tourism, fisheries, agriculture, security, finance and education, among others.

“I am convinced that our visit constitutes a unique occasion for the re-launching and strengthening of the already excellent historical ties of friendship, fraternity and cooperation between Cape Verde and Angola in the most diverse areas,” the Cape Verde president said.

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