“Blimund’s Magic Box” can be seen in the CCM

"Blimund's Magic Box" can be seen in the CCM

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The piece “Caixa Mágica de Blimund”, by Maria José Lopes, Master in artistic education, who won the Design competition “Words, Forms from knowledge”, of the 7th edition of the URDI Handicraft and Design fair in Cape Verde can already be seen and appreciated at the Cultural Center of Mindelo. The piece was made by Luthier Luís Baptista.

According to the author, in a press release, Blimund’s magic box is inspired by the traditional and oral tale of the island of Santo Antão de Leão Lopes, in which it takes advantage of the “simple way of narrating and describing the story in a didactic-pedagogical game and playful, enabling the integration of all in a didactic action”.

The tale thus becomes a game of three-dimensional pieces, enabling the handling of any of the characters, unraveling the skein of the tale in an oral plot. Therefore, it enables multiple learnings, pedagogical play that makes a parallel with freedom, betrayal, greed for power, the defense and discrediting of human goodness.

In this “box” the characters are related to the symbols of feng shui, “which transports us during the game force, water, fire, metal and energy, all elements in a single plot”.

Balance of a People

The piece, according to the author, conveys the lesson that, “for everything to work at full speed, all the elements will have to be in perfect harmony”.

The importance of these character-elements is thus expressed in this narrative game in raising awareness and their importance, “in the balance of a people”.

The Caixa Mágica and the remaining pieces of the exhibition Palavras, Formas, a partir de Saberes can be visited, starting today, at the Cultural Center of Mindelo.

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