Cape Verde exported less than PTE 153 million in products in 2022

Cape Verde exported less than PTE 153 million in products in 2022
Cape Verde exported less than PTE 153 million in products in 2022

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Cape Verdean exports fell by 3% in 2022, compared to the previous year, representing around PTE 153 thousand less. The data are contained in the provisional results for Foreign Trade released today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

The data show that in 2022, Cape Verde’s exports totaled PTE 5,016 thousand, corresponding to a decrease of 3.0% compared to 2021, that is, PTE 153 thousand less in relation to the value of 2021.

Europe continues to be Cape Verde’s main customer, absorbing the overwhelming majority (93.8%) of total national exports. In terms of countries, Spain leads the ranking of Cape Verde’s main customers in the European economic zone, absorbing, in 2022, 54.7% of Cape Verde’s total exports.

The most exported in 2022 If we look at the products exported by the archipelago in 2022, prepared and canned fish continue to lead, representing 70.0% of the total, followed by the Clothing group with 10.7% of the total, and Footwear with 5.9%. Imports increased

As for imports in 2022, Cape Verde recorded an increase of 25.5% compared to 2021. Once again the European continent continued to be Cape Verde’s main supplier, with 67.8% of the total amount, followed by Asia/Oceania with 17.8%, America with 9.3%, Africa with 3.2% and Rest of the World representing only 1.9%.

In terms of country structure by imports, Portugal leads among Cape Verde’s suppliers, with 42.7% of the total, followed by Spain, United Arab Emirates and China, with 8.6%, 5.2% and 5, respectively. 1% of total imports.

The 10 main imported products reached 55.9% of the total amount of Cape Verde’s imports in 2022, against the 54.8% reached by these same products in 2021. The most imported products were: fuel, with a weight of 19.2%, meat and offal with 4.0%, and rice, with 3.1%. Imports by Major Goods Categories

Imports by major categories of goods show that, in 2022, with the exception of Capital Goods, all categories of the group evolved positively compared to the previous year, as attested by INE data.

However, Consumer Goods continued to be the main economic category of goods imported by Cape Verde last year, with 44.6% of the total, followed by Intermediate Goods, with 28.3%, Fuels, with a weight of 19, 2%, and Capital Goods, with 7.9% of total imports, compared to 2021.

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