Central Union complaint “constant price rises” of essential goods

Central Union complaint “constant price rises” of essential goods
Central Union complaint “constant price rises” of essential goods

Africa-Press – Cape verde. UNTC-CS denounced the “constant price rises” of essential goods in recent times, in a country with frozen wages since 2011, and accused the Government of being the “biggest violator of labour rights”.

In a press conference focusing on “constant price rises in Cabo Verde”, reflecting the “loss of purchasing power”, the Secretary General of the National Union of Workers of Cabo Verde – Central Union (UNTC-CS), Joaquina Almeida, accused the Government of “sinking Cabo Verdeans workers”, arguing that public policies have generated “more poverty” to the population, victim of successive bad agricultural years, worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The trade unionist complained that in Cabo Verde everything has risen at the moment, with the exception of wages, with direct repercussions on the increase in the unemployment rate, the increase in the difficulties of workers and their families and the restriction of consumption, due to the weak purchasing power, while companies demand for support to maintain their activities.

“A Government which declares to all and sundry that has the human person at the centre of its policy and leaves no one behind, but contrary relegates the human person to the last plan of its governance, thereby depriving workers of improving living conditions, refusing to increase the wages of workers”, she denounced.

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