Cimpor plans to explore the Pozzolana industry in Porto Novo

Cimpor plans to explore the Pozzolana industry in Porto Novo
Cimpor plans to explore the Pozzolana industry in Porto Novo

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The information was advanced by Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva this weekend, during his visit to the island of the mountains. The Portuguese cement company Cimpor was thus chosen by the Government, for the resumption of the pozzolana industry in the municipality of Porto Novo.

The Chief Executive confirmed an agreement between the Government and Cimpor “for the exploitation of pozzolans”.

“We are going to sign a contract with Cimpor for the exploitation of pozzolans and the creation of more than 100 direct and several indirect jobs”, he said, informing that the Executive wants to resume this industry “with force”, as it is “a very important activity for job creation”.

Paralyzed 10 years ago

It should be remembered that the pozzolana industry in Santo Antão has been paralyzed since 2013, when the group of Italian investors, who had been operating the cement factory since 2005, decided to close the production unit due to alleged market difficulties.

For Aníbal Fonseca, mayor of Porto Novo, this was the choice of the “best partner”, which “will take into account the transformation of pozzolana into pozzolanic cement on the island of Santo Antão with added value”.

Cimpor had already, in the 1990s, expressed interest in exploiting pozzolana in Santo Antão, having at the time prepared, together with the other Portuguese company Secil, a study that confirmed the quality of this natural resource, used for the construction of important infrastructures. port structures in Portugal and Angola.

Pozzolana deposits are mainly concentrated near the city of Porto Novo (Brejo, Fundão, Ribeira Fria and Gamboesa), whose reserves are estimated at ten million tons.

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