Football: Tiago dreams of being a professional player like his cousin Jovane Cabral

Football: Tiago dreams of being a professional player like his cousin Jovane Cabral
Football: Tiago dreams of being a professional player like his cousin Jovane Cabral

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Tiago Dias is a young man from Santa Catarina de Santiago, cousin and neighbor of Sporting de Portugal ‘s left winger , Jovane Cabral, who also wants to stand out in football. Little by little, he has been making his way towards professional football, with the desire to represent Cape Verde.

Tiago, 25 years old, has been on the lawns since he was 10 years old, when he joined the school Grémio sports de Nhagar, a club in the northern region of Santiago, more specifically in Assomada.

At the age of 18, he was participating in his first championship, in the 2015/16 season, when he began to record his first achievements.

“The first season I was at Grémio de Nhagar, I received the armband on matchday three. This was one of the things that motivated me to be better and better on the field, in each game that followed”, recalls the young defender.

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In 2018, after four seasons in regional championships, Tiago left Grémio and went to Grupo Desportivo de Varandinha. In this team from Tarrafal de Santiago he also stood out very positively.

“Belonging to Varandinha was one of the best experiences on my journey. I had remarkable achievements, among them, I was highlighted as the best center in Santiago Norte, 2020/21 season”, recalls the young talent.Still in this team from Santiago Norte, Tiago participated and experienced many victories, among them, winning five consecutive games in 2020/21.

Recruited by Boavista da Praia

Considering it to be a time for new adventures, in the 2021/22 season, the Santa Catarina defender was recruited to Boavista da Praia where he confesses to be living a better phase, despite not having won any national championship yet.

“I am in a better phase of my life, gradually conquering my dreams. Everything is going well and for now, my goal is to be champion in Boavista da Praia, 2022/23 season”, said the Santa Catarina defender who was recently called up to the national team of residents.

Dream of being a professional player

“I’m doing my best to represent Cape Verde in the best way, when the time comes”, said Tiago, who also dreams of an international career.

“My biggest dream is to be a professional player and represent the Cape Verde national team, and one day I will be able to financially help my family that has always supported me on this journey”, he craves.

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