Hoverbikes Could Be New Mode Of Transport

Hoverbikes Could Be New Mode Of Transport
Hoverbikes Could Be New Mode Of Transport

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Some innovative engineers have developed a new aero vehicle – the Hoverbike that gives a glimpse into futuristic transportation. The Hover Bike is a dual propeller hovercraft capable of flying up to ten feet above the ground and cruising at 72km per hour.

It has maneuverability similar to that of a motorcycle, you can just tilt your body to change your course. It is Ideal for a range of professional and recreational uses, it’s perfect for search and rescue, border patrol, disaster relief, bounding over the desert, or flying over the water (with the optional flotation pontoon kit). According to various online dealers, the hoverbike is priced at U$150,000. Malloy Aeronautics built the world’s first Hoverbike in 2006.

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