Ilha do Sal: “It was challenging but necessary to highlight the centenary of Amílcar Cabral in the colloquium and festival” says organization

Ilha do Sal: “It was challenging but necessary to highlight the centenary of Amílcar Cabral in the colloquium and festival” says organization
Ilha do Sal: “It was challenging but necessary to highlight the centenary of Amílcar Cabral in the colloquium and festival” says organization

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Márcia Souto considers that it was “challenging”, but necessary, to exalt the centenary of Amílcar Cabral, in the colloquium and at the festival, a moment that also deserved to remember the fiftieth anniversary of the 25th of April and the fifth centenary of Luiz de Camões.

Márcia Souto, from Rosa de Porcelana Editora, organizer of the Festival Literatura Mundo (FLMSal), spoke at the end of the sixth edition of the Festival Literatura Mundo – Sal, which this year paid homage to Amílcar Cabral in tribute to the centenary of his birth.

“These were days that marked us greatly, as the platform was free and libertarian, in addition to making a huge contribution to honoring the multidimensional leader and visionary of historical transtemporality, Amílcar Cabral”, said Márcia Souto.

“Our guests enjoyed the island of Sal and exchanged human experiences with those who live on the island”, added Márcia Souto, adding that they referenced Amílcar Cabral in studies, praises, quotes, in theatrical representation and music.

Highlighting that the dimension of the future is among the festival’s objectives, alongside reflecting and debating world literature and projecting Sal and Cape Verde, the organizer announced that for the year 2025, the occasion of the seventh edition of the festival, the The honorees will be Alda from Espírito Santo, from São Tomé and Príncipe, António Agostinho Neto, from Angola, Noêmia de Souza, from Mozambique and Oníssimo Silveira, from Cape Verde.

“We cannot refrain from pointing out within the broad scope of literary cooperativism that the year 2025 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the national independence of Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe”, he explained.

Thus, he continued, these choices require, from the outset, some reorganization of the contest to “better work on the life and work of these chosen figures”, contextualization of their participation in the historical processes that led to the decolonization and independence of these four countries, as well as their correlations comparativists with world literature, which is a central object of the festival.

She concluded by saying that the “moment was one of joy, for yet another stage held at FLM-Sal, highlighting the expectation of continuing on the path of achieving “more and better”, without forgetting that the cultural projection of the festival and its affirmation in Cape Verde and the world require other care and new responsibilities.

In turn, on behalf of the guests, Ana Paula Tavares, took the opportunity to thank the organizing team for their “efficiency” in organizing two moments in this edition to honor Amílcar Cabral.

“Everyone already knows about the Salt Festival and that this year it was preceded by the commemoration of the centenary of Amílcar Cabral (…) we see here the form of communications, round tables, questions from assistants, responses from respondents, an exchange of information and knowledge that made us richer”, he highlighted.

Ana Paula Tavares concluded by calling for Amílcar Cabral to be more incensed, and transformed into a world heritage site, but “that his teachings be the daily practice of everyone”.

In turn, the Salense mayor Júlio Lopes, who presided over the closing ceremony of the festival, highlighted that FLM-Sal “is something unprecedented in Cape Verde, due to its continuity and quality”.

“In addition to the emotion, there is a lot of resilience and a lot of capacity for us to be organizing this 6th and then next year the 7th edition of the festival with visible effects”, he said.

For the mayor, the International Colloquium on América Cabral and the Mundo Literature Festival, all dedicated to Amílcar Cabral, “was indeed a wise decision, at an important moment” and with a free methodology so that everyone can express their opinion.

FLM Sal, a project created by Filinto Elísio, José Luís Peixoto, Márcia Souto and Patrícia Pinto, had its first edition in 2017, with tributes to the Cape Verdean poet Corsino Fortes and the Portuguese writer José Saramago, with an extension of the event in Brazil, in partnership with the Forum of Letters of Ouro Preto.

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