LIGOC and Cabo Verdean Football Federation mourn the death of Cely Fortes

LIGOC and Cabo Verdean Football Federation mourn the death of Cely Fortes
LIGOC and Cabo Verdean Football Federation mourn the death of Cely Fortes

Africa-Press – Cape verde. LIGOC and the Cape Verdean Football Federation have already expressed their regret at the death, this morning, in São Vicente, of Celly Gomes, an unavoidable figure in Cape Verdean sport and Carnival in São Vicente. Meanwhile, the president of the Samba Tropical Group has already advanced that the parade that night will take place due to “commitments”, but that it will pay homage to Cely Fortes.

This Carnival Monday, the 20th, dawned sad for lovers of sport and culture in Cape Verde, with the news of the death, victim of a stroke, of Cely Fortes, this morning in São Vicente, as we have already reported in the news previous.

On social networks, expressions of regret by Marcelina Fortes multiplied, affectionately treated by everyone as “Cely Fortes”. The news took everyone by surprise. Even LIGOC and the Cabo Verdean Football Federation have already reacted.

“It was with deep sadness that we received the news of the physical disappearance of the former Marcelina-Cely Fortes, Managing Member of the Vindos Do Oriente Group. An irreparable loss for Cape Verdean Carnival and Football. In this moment of loss and pain, we offer our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and group”, wrote LIGOC on its official Facebook page.

The São Vicente Carnival League also defended that “The show must go on, confident that this would be its will and desire. Shine forever Cely Fortes!”.

“Great driver” of women’s football

Likewise, the Cape Verdean Football Federation, through its President, Mário Semedo, has also reacted and lamented the physical loss of Marcelina Fortes, known as “Cely Fortes”, in the city of Mindelo.

“Cely Fortes, played in women’s football for CS Mindelense and was well known for being a great driver of women’s football, not only in Mindelense, but throughout the island of São Vicente. In 2018 she was honored by the FCF, during the National Women’s Championship, in Boa Vista, for her contribution to women’s football! ”, She recalled.

Show must go on due to “commitments”

However, after considering whether the Tropical samba parade later that night was going to happen or not, President David Leite has already assured, in an interview with RCV, that it will and that there will be a tribute to this activist and figure. unavoidable part of the Mindelense Carnival.

“It is clear that the entire community of the Carnival of São Vicente is imbued with great sadness at this moment, but the Escola de Samba Tropical has a huge commitment not only with the island of São Vicente, but with the whole country and the diaspora and has great responsibilities. The decision is that we will do our parade, because of the commitments made, ”he said.

“Despite the sadness”, he continued, during the parade they will “sing and recognize Cely in homage to what she did for Carnival, for sport and for the Tropical Samba School”, he argued.

It should be remembered that Cely Fortes was the sister of Josina Fortes, Member of the PAICV, and daughter of Carnival activist and president of the Vindos do Oriente Group, Lili d’Chala, who died on January 22, 2022. Even at the beginning of the parade official on Tuesday, the 21st, a tribute to his mother, Lili d ́Chala, was already planned.

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