Massive spraying campaign against dengue begins today in the city of Praia

Massive spraying campaign against dengue begins today in the city of Praia
Massive spraying campaign against dengue begins today in the city of Praia

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Starting today, the City of Praia begins a massive spraying campaign against dengue. Teams from the Health Department, with the support of around 80 military personnel trained by the Ministry of Health, will spray 34,848 homes.

“The Ministry of Health trained around 80 military personnel, in recent days, to support the teams at the health station, to reinforce the indoor spraying campaign in the city of Praia. With this training, the Praia health department will begin a massive campaign to spray houses in all neighborhoods of the capital starting from this Wednesday, June 20th until July 9th”, reads a statement from the Ministry of Health.

The main objective of this campaign is to combat the proliferation of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes , responsible for the transmission of dengue, especially in the pre-rainy season.

The teams gathered at the Achada Mato barracks, where the campaign will begin. After spraying in Achada Mato, the teams will move on to other neighborhoods according to the established schedule.

Spraying Campaign Schedule:

06/19/2024: Achada Mato and São Filipe (2,388 houses), Vila Nova (1,074 houses)

06/20/2024: Safende (1,994 houses), Castelão/Coqueiro (986 houses)

06/21/2024: Achada Mato (862 houses), Achada Grande Trás (1,081 houses)

06/22/2024: Achada Grande Frente (1,164 houses), Lém Ferreira (373 houses)

06/24/2024: Paiol (551 houses), Lém Cachorro (517 houses)

06/25/2024: Calabaceira (1,393 houses), São Pedro (1,238 houses)

06/26/2024: Pensamento (650 houses), Eugénio Lima (1,961 houses)

06/27/2024: Achadinha (2,479 houses)

06/28/2024: Várzea (1,705 houses)

06/29/2024: Achada Santo António (3,563 houses)

07/02/2024: Fontom/Cobom (522 houses)

07/03/2024: Tira Chapéu (1,417 houses)

07/04/2024: Bela Vista (1,155 houses)

07/06/2024: Terra Branca/Alto da Glória (2,329 houses)

07/08/2024: Palmarejo (4,871 houses)

07/09/2024: Caiada, São Martinho Pequeno, São Francisco (575 houses)

07/10/2024: General recap in areas that have not reached 80% coverage

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