National Human Rights Award 2023: Elisabete Dias, Josefina Chantre, Mamado Bari and Cenorf are the winners

National Human Rights Award 2023: Elisabete Dias, Josefina Chantre, Mamado Bari and Cenorf are the winners
National Human Rights Award 2023: Elisabete Dias, Josefina Chantre, Mamado Bari and Cenorf are the winners

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Elisabete Dias, Josefina Chantre, Mamado Bari, Cenorf and the João Varela Technical School, in Santo Antão, are the winners of the 2023 National Human Rights Prize, awarded by the National Commission for Human Rights and Citizenship (CNHDC).

The results were presented this Saturday afternoon, in the city of Praia, during a commemorative and tribute gala to mark International Human Rights Day, celebrated on December 10th.

This year, five categories were awarded, namely Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), scientific article, media report, human rights-friendly school and social activist category.

In the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) category, the award was given to the National Orthopedic and Functional Rehabilitation Center (Cenorf) for the work it has been providing towards the health and rehabilitation of people with motor disabilities.

In the Scientific Article category, the winner was Mamado Bari, who competed with an article on female genital mutilation in Cape Verdean law.

In the reporting category, for Social Communication, the report “The problem of mental patients in the City of Praia”, by journalist Elisabete Dias, from Record Cabo Verde, was distinguished.

The Human Rights Friendly School award was awarded to the João Varela Technical School, in Porto Novo, Santo Antão.

Finally, in the Social Activist category, the winner was Josefina Chantre Fortes, in recognition of the “valuable contribution” she has been making in promoting the rights of women and girls.

In all categories there were also distinctions with honorable mention.

The president of CNHDC, Eurídice Mascarenhas, who highlighted the quality of the work, highlighted that this year’s edition revealed how committed civil society is and has voluntarily dedicated itself to human rights and that it deserves to be increasingly encouraged.

“It was a very exciting moment and to say that we actually had many applications, we regret having only one prize for each category, and we will work on mobilizing more resources so that in the next editions we can have at least three prizes for each category”, he pointed out.

At the time, he said he hoped, with the support of the media and the authorization of the authors, for the work to be published.

The gala was also attended by the Minister of State, Family, Inclusion and Social Development, Fernando Elísio Freire, who highlighted that with the institution of democracy, Cape Verde gained the capacity to be a reference country in human rights.

The National Human Rights Award, which has a biennial periodicity, consists of the award of an amount of 250,000 escudos, a diploma and a sculpture called “Pomba Crioula”, by the Cape Verdean artist Leão Lopes, and is also expected to , the award of honorable mentions.

It was established in 2007 with the aim of distinguishing institutions and personalities who, with their actions, conduct or activity, have contributed to the promotion, study and defense of Human Rights and Citizenship in Cape Verde.

This is a way of recognizing and encouraging good practices existing in Cape Verdean society in terms of Human Rights and Citizenship. The Week with Inforpress

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