PAICV accuses the Government of mismanagement. MpD challenges opposition to file formal complaints

PAICV accuses the Government of mismanagement. MpD challenges opposition to file formal complaints
PAICV accuses the Government of mismanagement. MpD challenges opposition to file formal complaints

Africa-Press – Cape verde. PAICV today criticized the Government, accusing it of a lack of good governance and poor management of the country’s resources, which resulted in an increase in the cost of living, loss of purchasing power and high levels of unemployment. The MpD challenged the opposition to present formal complaints.

“We have just watched, once again, the Prime Minister, in a political casting operation, trying to deceive Cape Verdeans with a ‘stewed’ speech about good governance that is nothing more than a propaganda of happiness, in ‘fake’ mode news’ to hide their bad governance and the sad reality in which the majority of Cape Verdeans live,” said deputy Francisco Pereira.

According to the deputy, in a country with limited resources like Cape Verde, good governance should be a strategic resource for development, based on principles such as ethics, transparency, equity and accountability.

However, he argued that the Government failed to implement these principles, placing the country on a path of impoverishment and economic and social weakening.

“In these almost eight years in office, your Government has faced our country with enormous challenges: transport; internal and international mobility; unemployment and particularly youth unemployment, economic stagnation, reduced income, extreme poverty, indebtedness internal – without major investments in sight, regional asymmetries, crime, the slowness of Justice; the lack of ethics in the management of public affairs, the deterioration of sovereign risk, today take the form of a national emergency,” he emphasized.

PAICV also criticized the lack of transparency and ethics in public management, mentioning cases of privatizations and concessions, lack of transparent public tenders and the predominance of direct adjustments in public contracting.

Furthermore, Francisco Pereira mentioned the loss of millions of contos in tax debt due to prescription and the lack of effective measures to combat unemployment and poverty.

“Unfortunately, your Government has not put the interests of Cape Verdeans first. Cape Verde definitely needs a new Government, which can achieve good governance and give hope back to its people and its youth,” he declared the PAICV deputy.


“It is with great satisfaction and a sense of responsibility that I occupy this pulpit today, on behalf of the MpD Parliamentary Group, Party of Freedom, Democracy and Transparency, where party interests never override national interests”, stated deputy Celso Ribeiro.

The vice-president of the MpD parliamentary group pointed out a series of initiatives and reforms implemented by the Government, all aimed at promoting transparency and effectiveness in public management.

Ribeiro highlighted the importance of institutions such as the Court of Auditors, the Public Finance Council, and the Competition Authority, as examples of the Government’s commitment to good governance.

“We moved from the rule of opacity to the rule of transparency”, he argued.

Furthermore, the deputy cited several international indicators that corroborate the country’s progress in promoting good governance, such as Transparency International’s Corruption Perception index, where Cape Verde stands out as the second least corrupt country in Africa and the first in the CPLP .

When addressing the opposition’s criticisms, Ribeiro challenged them to present formal complaints instead of raising “unfounded suspicions”, reiterating his bench’s commitment to promoting transparency and good management of public affairs.

“This debate is a good opportunity for another position on the management of public funds and for a comparative assessment of governance in terms of transparency and the defense of public interests”, said Ribeiro, encouraging a constructive and respectful dialogue.

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