Personality tests and the case for professional development

Personality tests and the case for professional development
Personality tests and the case for professional development

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Different people have different traits, mind-sets, needs and goals with what they want for their careers. That’s why it’s important to understand one’s personality before embarking or pursuing career development, because then, you are be able to easily identify your abilities, interests and ambitions related to various jobs.

This can be done by taking a career personality test, which is defined as an assessment check that takes inventory of personal traits, and then matches a person to a selection of compatible profession selections.

Sylvester Twizerimana, a psychologist and mentor for youth, believes that career personality tests provide opportunities for individuals to understand their competencies and career interests so they can work productively in their respective areas.

Twizerimana says in most cases, personality tests are conducted with the aim of allowing people to identify the careers they can do well by analysing their strengths and weaknesses as well as likes and dislikes.

“As mentors, we believe that personality tests play a big role when it comes to one finding the career opportunities that suit them according to their personality type,” he says.

Meanwhile, research has shown that personality predicts the career roles that people occupy, with some career roles appearing as more attractive than others.

Also, it’s evident that when individuals have career roles that are aligned with their personality traits, it increases the intrinsic motivation of work duties.


In most cases, there are external factors that can influence career choices, which include the demand in the market for particular professions; however, individual preferences or personality traits will influence people’s career choices.

Anitha Isimbi, an IT specialist working with a construction company in Kigali says some organisations use personality tests to help recruit and select their employees. She notes that these tests on the other hand can help professionals who are seeking career advancement or promotion.

“They are important because they show individual strengths that enable professionals to determine where their talents are best served. When one has a greater knowledge of their personality, they can discover careers and places that match their personality. Having knowledge of who you are can also assist in the interview process,” she says.

In addition to this, Isimbi says with the knowledge about your personality traits, it helps determine the types of professional and personal development that you need.

Erick Mbachi, an educator at Green Hills Academy says professional development is a life-long commitment and involves understanding your role in a particular profession and identifying the skills to carry out the role effectively.

He says to achieve this; a career personality test should be a priority for any individual. For effective professional development to occur, it is important to stay up to date with any change in order to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies that are important for career advancement, he explains.

“Career personality tests are useful because they direct one where their talents are best served. When you’re exploring which careers may fit you the best, your personality is one factor that is important to consider,” he adds.

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