Plane to reinforce Coast Guard arrives in Cape Verde in August – CEMFA

Plane to reinforce Coast Guard arrives in Cape Verde in August – CEMFA
Plane to reinforce Coast Guard arrives in Cape Verde in August – CEMFA

Africa-Press – Cape verde. A plane to reinforce Coast Guard operations will arrive in the country in August, the head of the Armed Forces announced this Tuesday in Praia, after signing protocols with aviation institutions to help operate the aircraft.

“It is planned to arrive in Cape Verde in August”, said the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, António Duarte Monteiro, in statements to Lusa.

António Monteiro signed protocols with the Civil Aviation Agency (AAC), the air carrier Cabo Verde Airlines (CVA) and Cabo Verde Handling, a company that provides assistance services at airports and airfields in the archipelago.

The Government had announced, last September, that the aircraft for surveillance, medical emergency, search and rescue, acquired in the USA, should arrive in the country by the end of the first quarter of this year.

The rear admiral considered the “delay” “normal”, justifying it with the capabilities that are being installed on the device, ensuring that the pilots and technicians who received training in the United States are ready to operate the plane in the archipelago.

António Monteiro said that, with the signing of documents with the three institutions, the Armed Forces are taking a “fundamental step” to “receive, certify, inspect and operationalize” the plane “effectively and safely”.

The president of AAC, Mário Margarito Gomes, said that the country is creating a “safe environment” with regard to military aviation, making it possible to attract and retain “the best national personnel”.

In turn, the administrator of Cabo Verde Airlines, Carlos Salgueiral, promised to make “all resources” available in the various areas to help the Coast Guard operate the device, which will have a civil registration and work in all airports and airfields in the country..

The executive administrator of CV Handling, António Carlos Pinheiro, highlighted that the agreement promotes the development of military aviation in Cape Verde, through exchange and mutual support between entities.

The device was acquired by ASA [Airports and Air Security, a public company] for the equivalent of 11.2 million euros.

Regarding naval assets, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces said that the Guardian ship should be repaired later this year, with financial support from the United States.

With the arrival of the plane and the repair of this naval environment, António Monteiro said that the Armed Forces will end the year “in a big way”.

As for the vessel that was placed on Brava Island at the end of 2022 for inspection and emergency transport to the island of Fogo, he said that it has already carried out more than 200 medical transfers.

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