PR urges deep reflection on the role of women in society

PR urges deep reflection on the role of women in society
PR urges deep reflection on the role of women in society

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The President of the Republic, José Maria Neves, today urged reflection on the multiple dimensions of the female condition not only in the country, but across the entire African continent. In a message celebrating International Women’s Day, the Head of State highlighted both the achievements made by women and the persistent challenges they still face on a daily basis.

“It is an occasion to recognize women’s achievements, but also to acknowledge and address the persistent challenges they face on a daily basis”, wrote the President, highlighting the importance of celebrating and recognizing the invaluable female contribution in all spheres of Cape Verdean life.

The President highlighted the resilience of Cape Verdean women, who “play essential roles in communities, families, the economy and the Government, thus contributing to the strengthening of society”.

Meanwhile, the statement also drew attention to the significant barriers that many women face in Cape Verde and across Africa, including extreme poverty, lack of economic and educational opportunities, as well as challenges related to responsible fatherhood and motherhood.

“Responsible fatherhood and motherhood are still challenges to overcome. They involve not only supporting women during pregnancy and childbirth, but, at the same time, sharing parental responsibilities”, it reads.

Gender-based violence was highlighted as “an urgent and ongoing concern”.

“Millions of African women face physical violence, sexual violence and psychological violence every day, depriving them of their dignity, security and freedom. Sexual rape of minors is one of the most abhorrent forms of violence that affects vulnerable girls, leaving emotional and physical scars that can last a lifetime,” wrote the PR.

In his message, José Maria Neves called for collective action to face these challenges head-on, both during Women’s Month and throughout the year, stressing that only through sustainable development, with shared opportunities and greater female representation in public spaces leadership and decision-making, it will be possible to build a better future.

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