PR wants the diaspora at the service of Cape Verde

PR wants the diaspora at the service of Cape Verde
PR wants the diaspora at the service of Cape Verde

Africa-Press – Cape verde. At the end of his four-day visit to Portugal, the President of the Republic, José Maria Neves, argues that there are “huge corridors” to put “the entire diaspora” at the service of Cape Verde and take advantage quickly, through technology. .

“Information technologies have made the world flat today, so a professional anywhere in the world can participate in the development of Cape Verde through their area of ​​expertise. There are huge corridors to put the entire diaspora at the service of Cape Verde”, he stressed.

According to the head of state, the important thing is also to ensure a “strong mobility” of people between the diaspora and the Atlantic islands.

This is because, as he said, if they assume their condition of “transmigrant”, it will be possible to take advantage of “all these capacities and competences” for Cape Verde.

Cape Verde/Portugal relationship

José Maria Neves says that it is important to take into account new actors, such as companies, universities, foundations, NGOs, schools and municipalities when talking about the relationship between Cape Verde and Portugal.

“In addition to the excellence of relations between the two States, what is important is that there are also other spaces for cooperation that could be added to and accelerate and further develop this partnership that is already strategic between Cape Verde and Portugal”, he mentioned.


The Head of State also reiterated that Cape Verde has been heavily affected by the drought, pandemic, covid-19 and the war in Ukraine because it is a “very sensitive and very vulnerable” country to external shocks, stressing that the moment is “difficult and complex”. ”, bringing “unemployment, more inequality and more poverty”.

“At the moment, the country is taking a set of measures to mitigate the effects of drought and bad agricultural years, and is also doing everything to ensure that the general increase in price does not affect so dramatically, especially the most disadvantaged sections of society. Cape Verdean. We have to think in the medium and long term to diversify our economy, to guarantee the exit from the crisis and the creation of the conditions and pace of transformation of the country in the post-crisis”, he concluded.


José Maria Neves returns to Cape Verde today after a four-day visit to Portugal, at the invitation of the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, with a view to strengthening the historical, political, economic and cultural ties between the two countries.

The PR was accompanied by the first lady, Débora Carvalho, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration, Rui Figueiredo Soares, by the president of the National Association of Municipalities of Cape Verde (ANMCV), Herménio Fernandes, who was in the delegation on the 28th and 29th of July, and of the Minister of Communities who was part of the delegation on the 30th and 31st of July.

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