Sal Rei equipped with a new post office store

Sal Rei equipped with a new post office store
Sal Rei equipped with a new post office store

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Boa Vista now has a new Cape Verde Post (CCV) store in Sal Rei, whose opening ceremony was presided over by the finance minister, Olavo Correia, and by the executive administrator of the CCV, Enlice Fernandes. Another point of “proximity” between Cape Verde and its diaspora.

Olavo Correia considered the opening of the new store of “extreme importance” for the Cape Verde Post Office, and particularly for the city of Sal Rei, justified by the sense that is imposed and that is intended to be developed in the proximity of citizens who are in Cape Verde and of those in the diaspora.

“This store in Sal Rei puts Boa Vista, but also the city, at a central point and creates conditions for the centrality of the provision of services by the Cape Verde Post Office”, said Olavo Correia.

The minister stressed that the opening of the store “will certainly mark life in the city and on the island”, considered important for the country and for the world, while urging the CCV to contribute to the deepening and diversification of tourism in Boa Vista.

Olavo Correia congratulated and thanked the employees and management team of the CCV, a young team, considered that they are doing a “good job” in the company, in modernizing the results, especially putting the company at the service of building a logistics hub in Cape Verde.

strategic step

The executive administrator of the CCV, Enilce Fernandes, said that the store now opened is considered one of the most important and strategic for the company, the island and the country.

“Boa Vista has a strong tourist potential in Cape Verde, making a great contribution to GDP and the national economy in full recovery of activities and towards development within the framework of our strategic plan and the strengthening of our commercial network”, he observed.

The inauguration, according to Enilce Fernandes, is part of the policy of expansion and development of new businesses, with emphasis on the digital transition and modernization of physical and technological infrastructures, making the CCVs assume “great social responsibility”, connecting Cape Verde with the will have.

“The opening of the new store in the city center of the island was conceived to satisfy all the demands of the market, residents, and the diaspora, shielding Boa Vista with a modern, beautiful infrastructure suitable for the future of the island”, concluded the executive administrator. of the CCV.

The Post Office of Cape Verde is present in the 22 municipalities of the country, with more than 30 stores, and, recently, the Palmarejo and Fazenda stores were inaugurated, in the City of Praia.

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