TACV returns to domestic flights with Air Senegal plane

TACV returns to domestic flights with Air Senegal plane
TACV returns to domestic flights with Air Senegal plane

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde (TACV) will soon return to domestic flights, with a plane leased from Air Senegal, to respond to the current concessionaire Bestfly’s inability to respond, the Minister of Transport told Lusa today.

“TACV hired an ATR model aircraft from Air Senegal that will reinforce [inter-island] flights very soon,” said Carlos Santos, speaking to Lusa, indicating that the device is already at Praia International Airport.

The minister recognized the “bumps” that have occurred in inter-island [air] transport, motivated by the “growing” tourist demand, but also by the “weak capacity” of response from Bestfly, the only operator that makes air connections between the islands, for through a state concession.

“We note that there is this mismatch between supply and demand, which is why the Government has already given the green light to a proposal to increase the supply of inter-island flights presented by TACV, to allow greater availability for all islands and facilitate connectivity” , maintained the ruler.

The Government assumes the “ultimate responsibility” of connecting the islands and the alternative is “structuring and definitive”, continued Carlos Santos.

The minister said that “soon” TACV will announce the sale of flights and adjust according to market demand.

Domestic air connections between seven of the islands in the archipelago have been operated for several years by a single company, currently the Angolan company BestFly, which purchased the majority of the capital of TICV, previously owned by the Spanish company Binter.

Carlos Santos clarified that this is not a “step back” in the previous decision to remove TACV from domestic flights, but rather to “guarantee the mobility” of Cape Verdeans, complementing Bestfly’s operations.

Cape Verde has international airports in São Vicente, Sal, Boa Vista and Praia (Santiago) and airfields in São Nicolau, Maio and Fogo.

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