Teachers/Cape Verde Relationship. Class struggle

Teachers/Cape Verde Relationship. Class struggle
Teachers/Cape Verde Relationship. Class struggle

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Teachers must fight the government forces well, and make them understand that Cape Verde, land and homeland of Cape Verdeans and all nationalists, makes it unnecessary to opt for emigration. They must, together with the unions, organize the national whole for a notable and noisy civic demonstration since the memory of Hamilcar, Pericles, José Maria, and everyone in this country. This is where we will begin to build what belongs to us by inheritance and which we will certainly hand over with pride for eternal happiness.

Teacher, a man dedicated to the art of teaching, and building pillars of knowledge in partnerships and sharing with students, relevant information as well as providing absolute correct instruction, for an assertive, prosperous life path , sociable and happy.

Teacher, a real personality in daily coexistence with students, endowed with a contagious spirit of pragmatic dreams that become real at the right time and moment, with dedication and wisdom, who overcomes difficulties in times of crisis with technical and remote assistance , instructing the trainees.

The Teacher not only teaches but also lives and coexists, with respect, with the students, being a requirement among all to admit equality and opportunity to learn from each other, with the student being endowed with the gift of patience .

Teachers constitute a noble class, with responsibility and social power in disseminating knowledge to transform society, the nation and the world, into a new framework of human character and sensitivity.

The State, an impoverished nation, has in its political leadership and public administration agents who are assholes, shallow with wisdom, a slave to themselves in permanent temptation, who lead a class of educated people, but acculturated and wise to begging on strike days, when traveling the streets and prostrating themselves before those who should not demand improved living conditions, with fair and dignified salary adjustments.

The professoriate is a class with statutory distinction that deserves national recognition, as well as remuneration and progression in the teaching career as a worthy example, not least of that representative of the people, a person with no principle or social value.

The teacher prepares generations for eternal life, national vanguard citizens. It is appropriate to review your status as an educator in all professional dimensions.

In the state of bandheiras and terrorist bandheiras, where the teacher requests unpaid leave or dismissal, heads towards emigration to save their lives due to the low salary, a salary that is only within reach of the basic food basket, and where the educational infrastructures at the level of intermediate schools are destroyed in a single day, and three years later, peaks are still under construction awaiting inauguration as a sign of subordination.

Everything is out of control, where everyone suffers except the roosting chicken gentlemen hoarding the 45 thousand jobs as a promise to the youth in the recent election period, a generation to perdition.

Government officials do emigrate to Europe with their retired pension guaranteed, where all they need to do is add a passport and a visa. There is no need to talk about lifetime salaries, an authentic institutionalized robbery, where two mandates are enough for the established fattening, while the professorship, after 35 years of dedication to the cause of transmitting knowledge and teaching, as compensation there is frustrated with the salary and social pension deficit, full of disappointment and stress, and continues to forget without recognizing who is owed.

The teaching class and students united in the fight for the cause of human dignity, in the search for better conditions for good living, not for the subsistence of the discouraged living, against the usurping tyranny and the greedy ruler hungry for public fat. They tenaciously face those who leave them in a worse situation than they already were, a right that every Cape Verdean republican citizen enjoys, when claiming the accepted rights contained in the Magna Carta.

Do not fear, do not hesitate and continue the fight, as an example would be for the entire nation to accept as a solution for each case, an advisory case, and move forward to the strike to demand in an orderly manner and free from intimidation of the agents maintaining public order at the behest of the careless public administration agents.

The lives of citizens in the Republic of Cape Verde are getting worse and are in permanent decline due to the incompetence of those invested in managing the state’s destinies, those who eat the largest portion and when there is a little left over, the teachers do not have enough. Nothing is left and nothing falls off the “table” for people to grab.

The people of Cape Verde, a classless people who, by mistake or ignorance, transferred the best they have, their voting power, to a representative 33 years ago and are sacrificed for it. Change must be made to improve, with teachers, but also with journalists, the two pillars of communication and interaction in all areas of information.

In Cape Verde, social classes rise up against the elites and the political bourgeoisie, the withholders of opportunities causing irreparable damage to the household and the youth mind. From the perspective of economic growth, in the strengthening of a weak state into a strong state, outside of the law, and with so many stabs at the judiciary sector, it is an abusive interventional fragility, of disobedience, suspension, rejection and exemption, a clear sign that the The state is sick and outside of an acceptable diagnosis and with a possible cure, a cure that would involve the dismissal of the current executive.

Cape Verde must, in one way or another, to improve governance by returning power to those who belong to it, the sovereign people. This, by his free will of choice, must decide, by secret and universal vote, his government for the coming years with the enlightening participation of teachers as a living testimony of the policies aimed at people in times of hunger to times of abundance.

The National Assembly, in its hemicycle, are braggart werewolves who meet in permanent collusion of personal and partisan interests, in total disregard for the civil ideals they swore to defend according to the commitment of national representation, and to do everything to free the forgotten Zé from the misery to who has become accustomed, with thirst and hunger, to parasites sucking life.

Teachers must be active citizens, placed resiliently between the people and the sadistic government so that the entire nation benefits from the general state budget that has just been approved by the biggest beneficiaries, the deputies, the government and other personalities, who benefit from it. good food cake.

In Cape Verde, educated teachers dedicated to the cause of elevating man at each stage of existence and continuity, are marked by civility and patriotism, elevated by the spirit of citizenship, which they must, as a legitimate duty, face instead of the people, the unfortunate people of this country, the nation state and confront the dishonest government with specific demands and snatch the right to national dignity and equality.

In Cape Verde, the government is legitimized by the majority in conditions of abnormality, buffeted by climate conditions and illiteracy rooted among the urban masses, especially in the rural world, a condition of tactical excuse with the construction of non-professionalized educational infrastructures, but where the teacher must be present to make use of constitutional arguments in favor of the nation he is instructed to instruct.

In Cape Verde, Cape Verdean teachers deserve the life of dignified and dignified citizens equally to all social classes without discrimination, with everyone in a position to pay compensation, and to alert the people to new challenges and new achievements, being a blow tremendous in national government behavior.

Cape Verde has money that never runs out, and so it is believed that there is excess fat, making the sacrifice ever smaller if it is cut up by everyone and every village, with hot coals for all the sardines of this suffering and despised nation.

Teachers must fight the government forces well, and make them understand that Cape Verde, land and homeland of Cape Verdeans and all nationalists, makes it unnecessary to opt for emigration. They must, together with the unions, organize the national whole for a notable and noisy civic demonstration since the memory of Hamilcar, Pericles, José Maria, and everyone in this country. This is where we will begin to build what belongs to us by inheritance and which we will certainly hand over with pride for eternal happiness.

In Cape Verde, the teacher does not donate anything from the government or the supervisor, but rather demands the deserved right that is granted to him, obeying the normative salary scale prescribed in the republic. The government of the republic submits to the people, being at the service of the people, not the other way around. The behavior and dedicated treatment points to the deliberate totalitarian dictatorial intention.

With the teachers in unity and hand in hand with the students, and with the entire people, in the criterion of asserting acquired rights, it achieves, at best, the wholesale dismissal of the already undesirable government where there is no force to resist.

Cape Verdean nationalist teachers, the nation is yours! With you, the change in governmental mentality in relation to the dispossessed needy people is within your reach in the dimension of your competence to act in real and useful time, to divert the temptation of teachers and students in a contributory scale where they can imagine and escape to be a servant in the strange space that in no way dignifies Cape Verde. The ideological battlefield is and will always be in the home turf.

Plenty of time for every Cape Verdean to realize that Cape Verde is a privileged place that lacks wise people in the art of good governance, but also critical people to point out the defects and point out the direction to take. Finally, together we will be able to rebuild, build and repair the wrong, while maintaining the right, but continue to progress firmly with our heads held high and breathe in the breath of life and smile and sing a new, joyful song.

I don’t know what it will be like for sure, however I believe it is not the sublimated and melancholic lukewarm, but rather a flute blow, or a whistle in tune with the birds. Blessed teachers, today and always!

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