Apple to introduce accessibility features for the disabled

Apple to introduce accessibility features for the disabled
Apple to introduce accessibility features for the disabled

Africa-Press – Eritrea. To mark the global accessibility awareness day on Thursday (May 19), Apple has previewed innovative software features that introduce new ways for users with disabilities to navigate, connect, and get the most out of Apple products.

At Apple, we design for accessibility from the ground up and we’re constantly innovating on behalf of our users. The cutting-edge features we are sharing today will offer new ways for people with disabilities to navigate, connect, and so much more.

Door detection

Using advancements across hardware, software, and machine learning, people who are blind or low vision can use their iPhone and iPad to navigate the last few feet to their destination with Door Detection.

Users with physical and motor disabilities who may rely on assistive features like Voice Control and Switch Control can fully control the Apple Watch from their iPhone with Apple Watch Mirroring.

Door Detection can also read signs and symbols around the door, like the room number at an office, or the presence of an accessible entrance symbol.

Live captions for the deaf and Hard of hearing users

The Deaf and hard-of-hearing community can follow Live Captions on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple has also said it is also expanding support for its industry-leading screen reader Voice Over with over 20 new languages and locales.

These features will be available later this year with software updates across Apple platforms.

“Apple embeds accessibility into every aspect of our work, and we are committed to designing the best products and services for everyone,” said Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s senior director of Accessibility Policy and Initiatives.

“We’re excited to introduce these new features, which combine innovation and creativity from teams across Apple to give users more options to use our products in ways that best suit their needs and lives.”

Apple on Thursday will be highlighting related topics on the Apple Books app featuring stories by and about people with disabilities. Apple Books app will offer new themes, and introduce customization options such as bolding text and adjusting line, character, and word spacing for an even more accessible reading experience.

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