Africa-Press – Eswatini. Mr Eswatini Sive Mawelela says he aims to impact the youth positively during his reign.

After being crowned in 2023 at Happy Valley Hotel, Mawelela said he has lived a different and interesting lifestyle filled with activations, public speaking and tours across the country, spreading his confidence, knowledge and positivity with everyone he engages with.

He explained how his life has changed since being crowned, with the pressures and realities of his impactful role influencing his daily well-being.

“I have experienced a lot of growth and the reality of my reign has really sunk in. All I can say is that there is a lot of work to be done and resources can never be enough. There is so much I still need to do to motivate, encourage and inspire young people to be great,” he said.

Mawelela says he was now become so popular such that people easily recognise him whenever he is in public.

He said he was now used to interacting with the public, while speaking to large groups.

“The reception from the public has been great so far. I visit organisation and schools to speak and motivate young people. Generally they are always happy to be around me and they inspire me so much. They make me look forward to starting work when the opportunity avails,” he explained.

With his added responsibilities, Mawelela has had to engage in various activities in the country.

“I have done a lot of social responsibilities. my plan is to empower the youth of Eswatini through education. I have been engaging with the youth through career guidance, peer education, donations as well as cultural celebrations,” Mawelela shared.

He says he is open to listen, share his knowledge and empower the youth.

“I have learnt that you can’t change the world in one day but you can change it one day at a time. Each time I go out to do social work, I have realised how much capacity is needed to elevate youth experience in the kingdom,” he shared.

“ life is a journey where the bearers of knowledge keep pouring into the cup of those in need in small ounces until they are full to start sharing with others. I would like to see equal opportunities for the youth in the country whether in government or private schools. The gap between confidence and engagement skills needs to be bridged,” he added.

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