Ethiopia Using All Market Options Available in Djibouti: Ambassador Birhanu Tsegaye

Ethiopia Using All Market Options Available in Djibouti: Ambassador Birhanu Tsegaye
Ethiopia Using All Market Options Available in Djibouti: Ambassador Birhanu Tsegaye

Africa-Press – Ethiopia. Ethiopia is using all market options available in Djibouti since the country’s have long-standing political and socio-economic relations, Ethiopia’s ambassador to Djibouti said.

Ambassador Birhanu Tsegaye said Ethiopia and Djibouti have maintained strong cooperation in different areas based on mutual benefit, trust, and respect.

This last Ethiopian budget year alone, delegations of three Ethiopian banks have conducted pre-investment and working visits in Djibouti to open branches, he revealed.

In addition, all the necessary arrangements have been made for a delegation of the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association to visit Djibouti.

“More than being neighbors, we are one nation; except for the fact that there are two countries and governments. The people are the same, they are similar in language, culture, and religion. They are also connected in business. The investment made in infrastructure by both governments is not made in any neighboring country. So, the relation is in good condition.”

According to him, Ethiopia’s manufacturing products and other goods are widely sold in the Djibouti market and activities have been underway to expand this based on the needs of the country.

Leather, leather products and other products are particularly in high demand in the Djibouti market, the ambassador pointed out.

In relation to livestock, the Djibouti government has given to Ethiopia a complete livestock holding facility and a quarantine facility was built at Milee by the Government of Ethiopia.

Among the activities underway to increase Ethiopia’s foreign trade in livestock is the setting up of system where livestock could be transported through Djibouti to the destination countries without unnecessary delay and abuse by illegal traders.

The Ethio-Djibouti railway is working on a large-scale, especially for bulky products, to cut cost and waste, the ambassador said.

“What we are currently working on is facilitating cargoes to export vegetable and fruits to European countries. This is contributing to the relationship between the countries. The two countries are connected not only by railway, but also by road, electricity and water.”

Ambassador Birhanu noted that Djibouti is a country known for standing by the Ethiopian people at any time and supporting the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and unity of Ethiopia.

“The people of Ethiopia and Djibouti are united in all aspects. We are trying to strengthen this through various programs in tourism, investment and by organizing various events so that the relationship could be smooth and based on brotherhood,” he elaborated.

In addition to railway which strengthens the people-to-people relations, Ethiopian flies to Djibouti twice in a day, and some 2,000 trucks also enter Djibouti in a day.

Though the relationship between the two countries goes back to 1897, formal diplomatic relation started in 1923 when Ethiopia opened its General Consulate Office in Djibouti.

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