Ministry Condemns Sudan’s Provocative Behavior, Escalation of Boundary Issues

Ministry Condemns Sudan’s Provocative Behavior, Escalation of Boundary Issues
Ministry Condemns Sudan’s Provocative Behavior, Escalation of Boundary Issues

Africa-PressEthiopia. Addis Ababa February 19/2021 (ENA) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in the strongest possible terms the escalation and provocative behavior of the government of Sudan regarding the boundary issue between Ethiopia and Sudan.

In a press release it issued on Thursday, the Ministry said that Ethiopia believes that any conflict between the two countries would only result in a colossal collateral damage and jeopardizes the well-being of the nations.

Therefore, it stressed the Ethiopian government “strongly believes that the conflict being trumpeted by the Sudanese government’s military wing could only serve the interests of a third party at the expense of the Sudanese people.”

The two governments have sufficient mechanisms to deal with any claims and counterclaims of the border or any territorial claims, it stated, however, the Sudanese National Army violated the basic principles of international law and peaceful settlements of disputes by unceremoniously invading Ethiopia in early November 2020.

In doing so, Sudan has violated the bilateral boundary agreements, which stipulate non-displacement of nationals of either nation from their farms jointly registered by the two Governments, the status quo of which shall be maintained until the disposition of the case by an agreement, the release elaborated.

Moreover, the Sudanese side has also overturned and undermined the efforts of the joint boundary committees that have been making tireless efforts to finalize the re-demarcation process of the common boundary, it added.

“Contrary to the spirit of friendship and cooperation existing between our two brotherly countries, the Sudanese Army looted properties, burned camps, attacked and displaced thousands of Ethiopians and controlled vacated Ethiopian Military Camps,” the ministry underscored.

Sudan is deliberately engaged in misinformation campaigns against Ethiopia by accusing the victim as an aggressor, evading accountability by shifting blame and camouflaging its belligerence and continue its provocation in an attempt to control more lands, the Ministry pointed out.

Amidst of all these escalatory and provocative behavior of Sudan, “Ethiopia has shown a great deal of patience, remained restrained from exercising its legitimate right of self-defense and time and again expressed its commitment to a peaceful settlement of differences regarding the boundary through existing bilateral agreements and joint border mechanisms.”

Ethiopia firmly believes in the long standing fraternal relations between the people of Ethiopia and Sudan regardless of the nature of their respective governments, it stated, and noted that political will of the two governments is needed to reach at an amicable solution.

The attempt being made by the Sudanese Army to push the friendly peoples of Ethiopia and Sudan to unwarranted war is a serious blunder that will undermine their peace, stability and development of the two nations in particular and the region in general.

Reiterating its commitment for peaceful settlement of the boundary issue, Ethiopia once again called upon the government of the Sudan to reverse the aggression, desist from provocation and resort to a peaceful settlement of the boundary issue, the press release stated.

Thus, the Ethiopian government called upon the people of the Sudan to check on its government from serving a third party interest which only would result in the determent of the two nations.

Furthermore, Ethiopia called upon brotherly African countries to advice the Sudanese government to finalize the border issues through available mechanisms in peaceful manner.


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