Profit-making idea: Training mid-level managers in Ethiopia


Africa-Press Ethiopia

“Human resources development is still a huge challenge for most businesses and I know there are companies working on that in different areas, especially when it comes to technical talent,” says Feleg Tsegaye, founder of Ethiopia-based food delivery company Deliver Addis and its tech arm, Roadrunner.

Still, there is a very large gap in the market for training. A lot of businesses in Ethiopia are starting to become more formalised and finding good talent is challenging, he says. Retaining good talent can be even more difficult. “What you really need to do is find a way to expand the labour pool, junior managers, and the kind of mid-level of management that can really make or break a business,” Feleg explains.

There’s a lot of opportunity for someone to train “solid mid-level managers,” he says. Some businesses may not be able to afford senior managers, but they could be at a certain level of their growth where the owner can’t do everything alone, and that’s where these types of individuals come in. “It’s perfect for younger people that are looking to make a name for themselves and are hungry to learn at the same time,” he says.

“If there were post-graduate programmes that would spend some more time emphasising creative problem-solving and the general elements that go into maintaining a business, I think that would go a long way.”


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