Relief in Ethiopia for Villagers Forced to Drink from Polluted Rivers


Africa-Press-Ethiopia  Access to clean and safe water remains out of reach for thousands of people in many remote villages in Ethiopia. Families are left with no choice but to drink from polluted water sources, including rivers and shallow ponds often located kilometres away. Districts like Sasiga and Guto Gida in Wollega zone in Oromo region are among the most deprived.

The towns of Kenaf and Amistegna are only about 70 kilometres from Nekemte city’s water reservoir, but thousands of residents have no access to water because delivery infrastructure is missing.

“The closest river is 30 minutes to one-hour walk from our home. Carrying water from the river for such a long distance exposes many women to extreme hardship,” says Amina Osman, a resident of Amistegna town.

In response, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has installed a handpump in Amistegna town that has helped ease the daily suffering that many women like Amina face.


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