Religious Leaders Urge Believers to Support Displaced, Needy People

Ethiopian Christians Celebrate Timket Festive
Ethiopian Christians Celebrate Timket Festive


Leaders of Christian churches in Ethiopia have called on the faithful to celebrate Easter by supporting and remembering the displaced people across the country.

Easter will be celebrated in Ethiopia tomorrow.

Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abune Matias said in his message that “we should celebrate the holiday extending our hands to those who are in need.”

He called on the faithful to particularly feed, water and provide clothes to those displaced from their homes due to insecurity in different parts of the country.

The patriarch also urged forces guarding the peace of the country to contribute their share in bringing about peace and stability in the country.

Ethiopian Catholic Church Cardinal, Abune Birhaneyesus Surafel said on his part “believers should extend their hands to those who are in need while they celebrate Easter.”

He further called on believers to heed to the medical advice given by the professionals to control the spread of COVID-19.

Ethiopian Gospel Believers Churches Council Secretary General, Dereje Jemberu urged christians to celebrate the holiday by caring and loving one another.

“We should get reconciled first and reconciling others should be our day to day activity,” he added.

The secretary general called on all gospel believers to strengthen their fasting and prayers until sustaible peace is mainted in Ethiopia.


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