Stop for a salad earns North Carolina man a $100,000 lottery jackpot


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A North Carolina man said a quick stop to grab a salad and an energy drink for a long night at work led to his winning a $100,000 lottery jackpot.

Matthew Hehs of Mooresville told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he was in for a late night at work, so he stopped at the Harris Teeter store in Davidson for a salad and a Monster energy drink.

While at the store, Hehs decided to buy a few scratch-off tickets that he took with him to work.

“I scratched the first one, and nothing,” Hehs said. “When I scratched the second one, I had to kinda take a step back. I triple checked and it was $100,000. I was pretty excited!”

The ticket that earned Hehs his jackpot was a 100X the Cash game.

“It’s gonna be money well spent,” he said. “My mom’s being released from the hospital and I told her not to worry about bills because I would be sure to help her out. And I’m going to take care of the local fire department, sheriff’s department, and first responders in Iredell.”



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