AI Dataset Providers Form First Trade Group for Ethical Data use

AI Dataset Providers Form First Trade Group for Ethical Data use
AI Dataset Providers Form First Trade Group for Ethical Data use

Africa-Press – Gambia. A consortium of seven companies specializing in licensing datasets for AI training purposes has launched the Dataset Providers Alliance (DPA), marking a pivotal move towards ethical data practices in the industry.

The alliance, comprising firms such as Rightsify from the U.S., Visual for Image licensing, Japan’s Pixta, and Germany’s Gatorade, aims to advocate for responsible data sourcing. According to a joint statement released on Wednesday, this initiative underscores efforts to safeguard the rights of individuals depicted in datasets and uphold the intellectual property rights of content creators.

In recent years, the rise of generative AI technologies capable of emulating human creativity has sparked concerns among content creators, resulting in legal disputes against major tech firms like Google, Meta, and OpenAI, supported by Microsoft. These companies have faced allegations of utilizing copyrighted materials without proper consent, often sourced from the internet without compensation to the original creators.

The DPA seeks to establish industry standards to address these issues. It mandates that its members refrain from selling text data acquired through web scraping and audio recordings featuring identifiable voices without explicit consent. Furthermore, the alliance intends to advocate for legislative measures such as the NO FAKES Act, a U.S. bill designed to penalize the unauthorized creation of digital replicas of people’s voices or likenesses.

The formation of the DPA reflects a growing recognition of the need for ethical guidelines in AI dataset licensing, driven by concerns over privacy, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance.

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