‘Consume Iodine Rich Foods To Prevent Goiter’ MASS JOOF


Mass Joof of the Health Promotion Unit at the Ministry of Health has told the audience at Ndungu Kebbeh Lumo (weekly market) on Saturday October 19th 2019 that they should consume Iodine rich foods regularly to prevent goiter.

That failure to consume iodized foods could lead to iodine deficiency disorders, a leading cause of reduced intellectual capacity and preventable brain damage in children.
He said its impact on pregnant women often includes miscarriages; still births or babies born with defects; that infants with iodine deficiency run the risk of dying before their first birthday.

Joof made these disclosures during a visit to the Lumo by the Healthy Diet Caravan which is currently touring the country to raise awareness on healthy and nutritious diets for the population as part of activities commemorating World Food Day.

The European Union through its food security and nutrition improvement project in the Gambia funded the food and bio-fortification caravan.

Joof told the audience that Iodine is an essential mineral commonly found in sea foods and is good for brain development and increases the intelligence of children and prevents goiter.

He called on the audience to consume sea foods such as fish, shrimps, sea snails, crabs and oysters to prevent iodine deficiency; that apart from sea foods, they can get iodine in their daily meals by using iodized salt which is available at Denton Bridge and other places.


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