FSQA tasked to take action against unhygienic foods in markets

FSQA tasked to take action against unhygienic foods in markets
FSQA tasked to take action against unhygienic foods in markets

Africa-Press – Gambia. By: Nyima Sillah The Food Safety and Quality Authority has been urged to consider and conduct thorough food sanitation and hygiene by making it a top priority as public complained of bad foods being sold in the markets.

Modou Lamin Ndow, said: “Food Safety has neglected their responsibility as they are not taking account of some of the foods that are consume by the people, how they are prepared and the places that they are prepared. By right Food Safety should take a weekly patrol across the country to see the types of food people are consuming or eating, health is wealth. So, I believe there should be a close look at our food sectors especially the street vendors and some of these local restaurants.”

“I am allergic to street foods because whenever I eat street foods, I have a running stomach which affects my health. Sometimes you see some of these local restaurants cooking at the middle of the market, close to waste dumping sites, gutter, soakaway, which is not healthy,” he added.

Also, Aminata Dahaba, said her concern is the school children because some of them selling at schools sometimes cooked the foods overnight. Adding that, “school authorities should be vigilant because they have a key role to play regarding the foods that are selling within their school premises, children are vulnerable.”

“I look forward to seeing Food Safety going around the markets, communities, schools, local restaurants, local bakeries, and many more, because for ages, I cannot even recall when was the last time I saw Food Safety going round for investigation or for sensitisation in our communities especially in the remote areas,” she added.

Salimatou Jallow, a vendor said: “I have been selling for ages but I always make sure that my food is clean. Thus, it is hard to sell on the street because not everyone’s system can go with the types of food you sell. Sometimes customers buy food and the next day they come to complain that the food you sell is not hygiene. I am a street vendor but I advise people to be very mindful of the types of food they eat and where they buy them.”

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